Remember King for His Moral Ideals Rather Than His Politics

found online by Raymond

From Libertarian Michael A. LaFerrara at Principled Perspectives:

So why would King uphold the moral principles of capitalism in his most famous speech while repudiating it in his politics? It’s obvious that King didn’t understand capitalism or fully grasp the moral implications of the Declaration of Independence that he so eloquently honored.

He undoubtedly viewed the America of the 1960s as capitalist, when in fact what America had was a mixed economy; a mixture of economic freedom and government controls—that is to say, an economy corrupted by heavy political interference, which included the virulently anti-capitalist Jim Crow segrgation laws. America in the 1960s was just emerging from a time when large segments of blacks were legally oppressed and hence unable to enjoy “the riches of freedom and the security of justice” that is capitalism. Blacks, King failed to understand, were not victims of capitalism but of statism.

King’s legacy includes an end to state-sponsored segregation and oppression—a monumental achievement. But his democratic socialist political policies also “succeeded,” strengthening and entrenching the mixed economy in America, which he mistakenly perceived as capitalism—the result being, in turn, to reduce economic opportunities for many poor but ambitious people, including African-Americans.

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After-School Program to Keep Kids Off Streets 45 Minutes

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From The Onion:

WASHINGTON—In an effort to provide students with at least a modicum of supervision in the afternoon, the Department of Education on Monday announced a new nationwide after-school program specifically aimed at keeping children off the streets for an additional 45 minutes.

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10 Ways That Trump And The GOP Hurt Workers In 2017

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From Ted McLaughlin at jobsanger:

2017 was not a good year for American workers — thanks to Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress. The good folks at the Economic Policy Institute have reviewed the year that just finished, and they give us the 10 actions taken by Trump and the GOP that hurt workers the most. I post those actions here with part of their discussion. You can go to this link to see their more in-depth discussion.

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Deep State Dissonance

found online by Raymond

From Julian Sanchez:

You couldn’t ask for a clearer illustration of the Trump administration’s incoherent stance on intelligence surveillance. Late Wednesday night, the White House released a statement urging the House to reauthorize the FISA Amendments Act, the controversial law authorizing warrantless electronic surveillance of foreigners’ communications, and opposing an amendment co-sponsored by Reps. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) that would require FBI agents to obtain a warrant before searching for Americans’ messages in the vast database created under the authority.

Just hours later, apparently reacting to a segment on Fox News, however, Donald Trump appeared to condemn the very legislation his administration had just endorsed:

About 90 minutes later—presumably following frantic appeals from staffers and Hill allies—Trump reversed his seeming reversal:

It’s worth pausing for a moment to note that nearly everything in both of these tweets is wrong.

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When Perfectionism is a Symptom

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From The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser:

I have been considered a perfectionist most of my life, a badge I wore with honor for many years, and one I still wear on occasion. As we age — I am now sixty — we tend to reflect on our lives and how we got where we are today. Self-reflection and assessment are good, allowing us the opportunity to be honest about the path we have taken and choices we have made in life.

When I first realized fifteen or so years ago that I had a problem, a BIG problem that was harming my wife and children, the first thing I did was try to figure out how I ended up with OCPD.

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Senator: Problem With Trump Racism Is Calling Him Racist

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From Tommy Christopher:

The second most shameful thing about Donald Trump’s racist rant about “shithole countries” has been the cowardly reactions of elected Republicans.

But on Sunday morning, one of them let slip what it’s quite likely many of them are thinking.

On “Meet the Press,” Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul told host Chuck Todd that the “only thing” he regrets about Trump’s racist rant isn’t Trump being a racist, but people calling Trump a racist.

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Oh No, Jerusalem

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From David Anderson at The Moderate Voice:

Lately the world’s largest open air mental hospital, as the Holy Land has been called, has lived up to its moniker. Trump has helped by moving our embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Some aspects of this destabilizing action have been neglected or misunderstood by the media, however. Firstly, any hope of a Palestinian state is now pretty much dead. For decades what would have been the second state of a two-state model has been chipped away, enclaved, and geographically scattered by Israel, illegally by some measure. Much of the world went along with barely a peep outside Europe. Endorsing Jerusalem as its capital is a de-facto agreement with the current status quo for the entire West Bank.

Twenty years ago, let alone forty or fifty, Trump’s embassy shift would have resulted in all kind of howls from the Islamosphere. Ambassadors would have been recalled, boycotts thrown, state sponsored mass protests and the like. But in the last month apart from a few street demos by Palestinians themselves, Arab push-back has been muted to non-existent. Remember in the 1970s and ‘80s Palestinians, the P.L.O and its attendant non-state allies were terrorism. Spectacular plane hijacking and bombings were regular fare. It was a different, naive era of secular terrorism where Marxist groups and their socialist state supporters fought for the definable goal of “Palestine.” That was before a religious, millenarian suicidal jihad began in the 1990s. Religion has supercharged terrorism – in part by convincing terrorists to die themselves as well as kill others, en-mass, mainly by putting Allah in center of the picture. Today’s terrorist is seeking otherworldly paradise, not a shabby little nation state by the Mediterranean.

The “why” of Trump’s moving the embassy has been misunderstood: is not the work of the “Israel lobby.” Jews get the credit or blame (depending on perspective) for America’s lock-step alliance with Israel, however other factors are at play. Consider there are only four million Jews in the US, the majority of whom vote Democrat even though the Republicans are the more Israel friendly of the two big parties.

It’s the Christians.

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Good People Don’t Defend a Bad Man

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From John Pavlovitz:

At times in this life it can be a challenge to figure out who the bad people are, but sometimes they help you.

Sometimes they do the work for you.

Sometimes with their every vulgar, bitter word from their mouth, they testify to their personal malignancy and they make it easy to identify them.

Generally speaking, there are things that good people do and things good people don’t do.

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