Fox News Struggling To Attract Younger 60-75 Demographic

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From The Onion:

NEW YORK—Frustrated over its inability to penetrate the more lucrative market, Fox News is struggling to attract viewers in the younger 60-75-year-old demographic, sources reported Monday. “Despite pulling big numbers with the 76-to-90 crowd, there’s a lot more we can do to draw in that coveted 60-to-75 audience,” said Fox News acting CEO Rupert Murdoch, adding that the company’s long-term health was in jeopardy if it didn’t revitalize its aging viewer base by appealing to younger, more hip seniors.

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Trump Voters Celebrate Huge Tax Cut for Everyone But Them

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From Andy Borowitz:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Jubilant Trump voters on Thursday celebrated the prospect of a gigantic tax cut that will benefit everyone but them.

Across the country, Trump supporters were overjoyed that, after months of gridlock and wrangling, the man they voted for was about to make Americans other than them wildly richer.

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Moore Defending Pastor: Real Sexual Predators are Women

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From The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser:

Franklin “Frank” Raddish, pastor of Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries and a staunch defender of Roy Moore, had this to say about women, LGBTQ people and pedophile:

More women are sexual predators than men. Women are chasing young boys up and down the road, but we don’t hear about that because it’s not PC.

These people aren’t the good neighbor next door, they’re out to target young children.

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From Max’s Dad:

Let me take a bit of time between resisting to tell you about Molly.

We were blessed with Molly one day in April of 2016 when the stars aligned and we were just 5 minutes ahead of another family when we saw her in the local animal shelter. Her name was Baby, she was 11, she had cancer, she had been used as a breeder dog, and she had just been spayed. And there, in a cage, stood the most beautiful spirit I had ever laid eyes on, at least for a dog, and about 99% of humans. Baby was up for adoption and I immediately wanted her to come live with us. We changed her name to Molly, paid the fees. and took this 58 pound Golden Retriever home to enrich our home. Man, did she ever.

Molly loved the back yard to roam freely for perhaps the first time in her 11 years. She loved her treats. She loved to eat. She loved to play when her age let her. She loved to go on walks with her “brother” Jack. She loved to lay around and be brushed. She loved to be petted. She loved to fart and belch and make goofy faces. Molly was the sweetest most loving dog Ive ever had.

But Molly was now 13 and slowing down.

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Hillary Resigns, Obamas United, Biden Back, Trump

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Saturday Rate of Exchange:
Is NFL Boycott Racist?

from Raymond

The head of a family business, a retailer of spices, is impatient with conservative critics of NFL protests. Those who kneel during the National Anthem are protesting racism, and conservatives should acknowledge that. Wisconsin conservative James Wigderson is having none of it.

He is a little over-enthusiastic in his objection, accusing the spice critic of conservative critics of NFL critics of racism of saying something that a careful reading does not reveal, that “being upset at players in the National Football League (NFL) who protest during the national anthem is racist.”

Mr. Wigderson does quote his target, “For Veterans Day, out of respect for Veterans, can we all just be honest and admit that the NFL protests really are about racism?” and adds Except they’re not.

Our readers react:


What I always wonder is, is there any form of protest by black people against police brutality that these people would find acceptable? They’re always quick to explain why whatever form of protest is actually being used is wrong, but what are the protesters supposed to do? Other than simply shut up about the problem?

Kneeling during the anthem seems to me to be a textbook case of how protesting an injustice should work. It is not violent. The players are not smashing windows or blocking traffic. The protest is highly visible — as it must be, in order to be effective. It’s not obvious to me that kneeling is disrespectful, but even if it is, perhaps conservatives should put aside their righteous indignation for a few minutes and consider the relative importance of things. Isn’t the death of Tamir Rice a more worthy object of anger than kneeling during a piece of music?


If you could convince them that accusations against the police are not automatically suspect, that accusations against the police from particular minority groups are not doubly so, and that these accusations represent a significant pattern of injustice, you might make some progress. That’s quite a task, though, given their kneejerk reactions to anything critical of law enforcement (and the military), their perceptions of minorities (especially the criminal kind), and their general lack of concern for what happens to criminals (“they deserve what they get”).

Even then, the method of protest violates a sacred act in their eyes. Just as importantly, they are incapable of seeing their own hypocrisy on this matter. How many of them observe the proper ritual at home? How many of them wish that it would hurry up so they could watch the game? How many of them simply go through the motions because it’s expected? How many of them, once the song ends, begin to stuff their faces with food, pray for their god to intervene on behalf of their team, curse at the other team, and generally obsess over the sport as if the anthem had never played? The ritual itself, as with most acts that are expected and repeated over and over again (especially without regard for the relevance that it has to its setting), has become an empty tradition for most people, but it has nevertheless retained its sacred aura. And that means that they get to feel righteous indignation whenever anyone falls out of line or calls it into question. Throw in some rhetoric from conservative figures and media about how not falling in line is equivalent to hating America and you end up with a group of people completely incapable of assessing the situation rationally. It doesn’t matter that the protest is harmless or that it is not meant as an act of disrespect against anything besides the *actual subject of the protest.* These people are trained to think otherwise and they get to feel good doing it. Besides: why should they care when it doesn’t happen to them?

The irony here is that, to the extent that these people define the country, they give us a legitimate reason to actually disrespect it.

Dave Dubya:

Isn’t the death of Tamir Rice a more worthy object of anger than kneeling during a piece of music?

Not at all worthy for angry white con-servatives. They likely won’t even recognize the name.

Any and all of their protests are used to ramp up hate for minorities. Now the angry white con-servatives have a racist ring leader in the Very White House to egg them on. BLM has been declared a “racist hate group” by angry white con-servatives.

While I’m not ashamed of America, I am deeply ashamed, and frightened, of angry white Americans. Their hate and ignorance are ripping our country apart. And this is their time. Trump is their man.

The question remains; is it too late?

Infidel753 writes with wisdom and research here.

Dave Dubya’s discerning observations are here.

Long-time friend of the blog Ryan did once maintain his own site. But he seems to have become involved in real life. We are lucky to benefit from his occasional insights.

Have a safe weekend.

A Suicide Bomber and a Policeman’s Heroic Bear Hug

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From The New York Times:

KABUL, Afghanistan — No one will ever know what went through the mind of Afghan Police Lt. Sayed Basam Pacha in those moments when he came face to face with a man he suspected of being a suicide bomber on Thursday afternoon, but whatever it was, he did not hesitate to act.

At his back was a crowd of civilians, many of them dignitaries, leaving the hall he was guarding. Around him were officers from the police company he commanded. The suspect had just approached their heavily guarded gate, the only way in or out of the compound around the hall.

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Only a Fool Would Take a Spymaster at His Word

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From Earth-Bound Misfit:

Trump is just that sort of fool:

DANANG, Vietnam — President* Trump said on Saturday that he believed President Vladimir V. Putin was sincere in his denials of interference in the 2016 presidential elections, calling questions about Moscow’s meddling a politically motivated “hit job” that was hindering cooperation with Russia on life-or-death issues.

Of course Trump knows, by now, that the Russians have been meddling in our elections. The professional intelligence people have been telling him that.

But Trump won’t listen.

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