Chuck Todd Loves Neutrality

found online by Raymond

From driftglass:

Cox: You’ve been moderating “Meet the Press” for just over three years. Do you think your job is the same today as it was, say, 10 months ago?

Todd: What the audience expects hasn’t changed. People come to us for the same reasons: to be educated and informed. My biggest change is that I feel the need to reinforce the wall between the news media and the politicians. The wall has always been there, but sometimes there have been too many holes in it. One legitimate criticism of the political press over the last two decades has been the appearance of coziness between people in the media and the political elite. It’s a lot easier for me, say, as a sports fan…

Ruh roh.

Cox: O.K., but you did vote for someone. You have opinions. Is that the same as being biased?

Todd: No. I don’t advocate — that’s the big difference. Now, that said, we’re all human beings…

Yes, we are indeed all human beings.

Except for Hugh Hewitt.

Who is, as has been long-established, a cyborg sent from the future to destroy America.

And who has also been (for reasons no one dares to explain to us rubes out here in flyover country) jumped up from Crackpot Wingnut Radio Drone to Chuck Todd’s BFF and a regular in the rotation on “Meet the Press”.

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