Worse than the CBO

found online by Raymond

From Iron Knee at Political Irony:

Even before the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) came out with their analysis of the repeal of Obamacare, Trump and the Republicans started attacking the CBO. Congressman David Brat (R-VA) even said “CBO has scored everything wrong forever so they’re a minor concern.”

So even though the CBO is non-partisan and its director is a conservative economist appointed by Republicans, the Republicans said that they would prefer the numbers that would come out of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which is totally partisan.

Ironically, the report from the OMB is out, and it is even worse than the report from the CBO.

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Trump Breaks World Record for Unconstitutional Travel Bans

found online by Raymond

From the Borowitz Report:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Notching the first major achievement of his Presidency, Donald Trump has broken the world record for unconstitutional travel bans, the White House confirmed on Wednesday.

In an official statement announcing the new world record, the White House called Trump’s second unconstitutional ban “especially impressive” because it came only thirty-eight days after his first.

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Aunt Tildy Spanks an Unruly Commenter

Burr recovers and will be back soon. Really he will.

In the meantime, we are entertained by a rare event.

Our own sweet and gentle Aunt Tildy found it necessary to spank an unruly commenter.

The exchange followed a link to a post by Dave Dubya:

From majormajor:

You used to be a respectful intelligent liberal blog. That was until you published this thread.

From Raymond:

Thank you for your comment, majormajor.

I will certainly pass it on, although it might help if you could think of a more specific objection.

From majormajor:

You don’t understand “disgusting”?

From Aunt Tildy:

Now, M&M, I’m sure Raymond knows that “disgusting” means “nauseating” and “stomach turning”.

He just wanted to know what it was that specifically upset your little tummy.

One other thing, child:

Please try to play nicely with others.
Remember, I know your mother.

We have been walking softly around Aunt Tildy ever since.

Category-Think vs. Individuality

found online by Raymond

From Infidel753:

In this post a little over two years ago, I ended with what was actually my main point, though it may have looked like an afterthought at the time:

“But we mustn’t confuse strategies and necessary defensive measures with the goal. It would be a terrible failure if, after the final overthrow of Christianity and conformist traditional values, we were left with a sort of Ottoman-style millet society which defined itself as a jigsaw puzzle of discrete communities (gay, black, Anglo, neo-pagan, etc.) with each individual categorized as merely a member of one or another such grouping. The only real success will be a society where individuals are free to be themselves, with whatever combination of traits, desires, and quirks make each person who he or she is, but not defined or categorized by them.”

It’s a point which I think needs more emphasis and elaboration. Humans seem to have a habit of classifying and pigeonholing other humans, assigning them to categories and then defining them primarily as members of those categories rather than as individuals.

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Somebody Else’s Babies

found online by Raymond

From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

Although I’d like to think I speak fluent “white asshole” having grown up around that dialect my whole life, I spent a long while staring at this comment wondering why Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) thought babies of any particular parentage weren’t capable of carrying on with “our civilization”. There’s nothing about what I think of as American culture that excludes the children of immigrants–on the contrary! Our American way is made up of immigrants who wanted to work hard and achieve a good standard of living, to experience freedom of thought, religion and political access denied to them in their home countries. I, like Steve King, am the descendant of European immigrants. There is nothing about me that privileges me to better understand America as a German/Irish/English, etc. mutt, than a child of any other heritage because we are a nation on paper, made of laws and words and ideals, but not bloodlines.

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Nasty Koch Brothers Plot to Repeal 20th Century!

found online by Raymond

From Jack Jodell at The Saturday Afternoon Post:

These Koch brothers, and their like-minded billionaire allies, are attempting to subvert our government by legally (but unethically) changing the Constitution in such a way as to basically dismantle ALL of the necessary regulations and federal agencies which have been carefully set up from the Teddy Roosevelt era up to the present – in effect negating or eliminating a vital part of all progressive legislation passed from 1901 onward! Unfortunately, their followers include such prominent politicians as Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and numerous other right-wing fanatics. You may not know or perhaps are unfamiliar with these Kochs, but they are for real, I can assure you!

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Hope Springs Infernal

found online by Raymond

From Capt. Fogg at Human Voices:

Certum est, quia impossibile.

Tertullian – De Carne Christi

It’s been too easy to hope, to tempting to giggle as the President makes a bloody fool of himself with tantrums and childish lies like the spoiled brat he is who just can’t understand why things don’t automatically go his way. I still look forward to enjoying his further humiliations and embarrassments even if all we’ll be able to get from him is increasingly irrational accusations of the WTF kind. But it’s not about Trump really, any more that it’s the Flying Lady hood ornament that makes a Rolls what it is.

The gates to hell don’t say “abandon all hope” they tell you to keep the faith. That way the disappointment will be eternal.

Total, absolute and utterly conclusive proof that there was no wiretapping by Obama or Alexander Graham Bell for that matter will not do one thing to tarnish the myth that it did happen, just as Obama always will have been born in Kenya or Malaysia or both even with a birth certificate notarized by 9 Supreme Court Justices and filmed in wide screen Technicolor.

Absurdity is traditionally a cornerstone and a buttress for belief, not an argument against it. We’re dealing with a religion in the Trump movement, a bit of a new religion.

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