Bernie Sanders Is Changing the Democratic Party

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From Jonathan Bernstein:

Bernie Sanders introduced the latest version of his single-payer health care plan Wednesday, with few details and only vague ideas about financing it. Jonathan Chait, in an excellent column, argues that this means single-payer is “zero percent closer” to passing, given that many Democrats have liked the idea for years but they’ve never been able to solve the policy and political problems involved in transitioning to it.

Chait has a lot of smart things to say about Sanders’s weaknesses as a policy-maker. But “zero percent” isn’t quite correct, and in fact this episode is an interesting window into how U.S. political parties work and why they are so important right now.

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Here’s a Thought: Let’s Not be the First to Use Nuclear Weapons

Barry Goldwater was widely considered to be sort of a hybrid between a loose cannon and an out-and-out nut when he ran for President in 1964. He lost in a remarkable landslide.

Today he is remembered with some affection as a conservative who, in many respects, went beyond dogma to morality.

His conservatism was not so much cultural, or racial, as it was libertarian.

He was solidly for abortion rights. Gay rights as well.

In 1993, he wrote to the New York Times advocating for gay people in the military:

You don’t need to be ‘straight’ to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight.

He had no kind words for Jerry Falwell types.

I said all good Christians should kick him in the ass.

Barry Goldwater, July, 1981

Well, he was direct.

Yeah, quite the lovable old fellow.

But I still remember 1964. Especially the Civil Rights Vote. As Senator, Barry Goldwater opposed it. He had nothing against black people. He just thought it was wrong to tell employers whom they could hire, and to tell hotels and restaurants and bus lines whom they must serve.

1964 was part of the season of violence against black people who wanted to vote and to be treated equally. Southern conservatives consigned still-warm corpses into secret shallow holes, decorated trees with cindered bodies, blew up churches, murdered little girls, beat peaceful protestors marching across bridges.
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Trump Likes to Use 9/11 to Brag About His Ratings

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From Tommy Christopher:

That sickening pattern began just hours after the World Trade Center fell, when he bragged on TV about having the tallest building after the attack. It continued right through the 2016 presidential campaign, when he used the tragedy to boast, to an Iowa crowd, about his ratings:

“’Face the Nation’ put out a release last week that they had, their interview with Donald Trump, long interview, from Florida, that it was the highest-rated show they’ve had in 15 or 16 years, since the fall of the World Trade Center. Highest-rated show!”

In case you were wondering, no, Trump was not simply quoting the press release, which did not mention the attacks…

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Matthew Dowd: This Has Been Trump’s Best Week Ever!

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From Frances Langum:

We certainly wish Matthew Dowd’s father safety.

I found it incredibly ironic, however, that Mr. Dowd’s son sat on ABC’s This Week with the mattresses of beltway normalization to protect him from the very real failures of a Republican so-called President.

“I would say, in the midst of all this tragedy, this has been the best week of this president’s entire presidency.”

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Pretty Sure I’ve Been Writing Jonathan Chait’s Column 7 Days a Week

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From driftglass:

From Jonathan Chait in NYMag:

The Only Problem in American Politics Is the Republican Party

And it has been pretty much a one-way ticket to pariah-hood.

Well so be it.

But then comes the sobering part.

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White Teens Hang a Biracial 8-Year-Old From a Tree in New Hampshire

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From Justin Rosariosep at The Daily Banter:

It’s hard to say what the worst part of this story is: The fact that some white teens in Claremont, New Hampshire thought it would be funny to lynch a little brown kid or that the police are protecting the teens.

Two weeks ago, Cassandra Merlin’s son was airlifted to a hospital in Dartmouth after he was viciously hung from a tree and left to die

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Fondly Remembering Obama and Edie Windsor – 9/13/2017

President Barack Obama meets with Edith Windsor, February 14, 2014 (From Obama Photographer Pete Souza via Instagram)

Edith Windsor, the gay-rights activist who fought for, and achieved, a Supreme Court ruling for same-sex marriage, died yesterday at age 88.

Wondering why a few conservative friends are less than impressed.

Fracking is a Progressive Technology, not a Necessary Evil

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From Libertarian Michael A. LaFerrara:

Environmental groups like the Sierra Club are not primarily concerned with climate change. If they were, they’d not only support fracking and natgas pipelines for reasons stated here, but in the long term nuclear power, the only currently viable energy technology with the capability to completely replace fossil fuel electricity generation. Instead, they oppose nuclear. Why? Leading environmentalists are at heart not humanists. They are anti-industrial reactionaries. They see energy deprivation as key to halting industrial progress. That’s why the Sierra Club and its ilk are seen opposing reliable energy projects wherever they are proposed in NJ, such as the recently scuttled natural gas plant in Hillsborough. Their standard of value is to minimize human impact on raw nature, not to maximize human well-being.

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