Counterproductive Minimum Wage ‘Compromise’

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From libertarian Michael A. LaFerrara at Principled Perspectives:

In an article for the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Preston Cooper argues for The “Sub-Minimum” Wage: An Escape Hatch for Young Workers, which is already a small feature of Federal minimum wage laws. Cooper argues correctly that minimum wage laws disproportionately harm the low-skilled, especially the young:

Teenagers and individuals in their early twenties often lack the skills that make them valuable to employers. Therefore, they must learn these skills on the job, while not producing much for the businesses who hire them. When states (or the federal government) set high minimum wages, hiring unskilled young people will not make financial sense for most employers.

True. But I respectfully disagree that sub-minimum wage laws are the way to go—not if the goal is progress toward free (or freer) markets. While a legal sub-minimum wage may make practical sense in the short term, it still represents the outlawing of jobs.

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A Note on Israel

found online by Raymond

From Green Eagle:

As I have made it clear before, I have lived in Israel for a time, and am a strong supporter of its right to survive. Consequently, I think it is necessary at this point to make it clear that supporting Israel and supporting its current government are two different things- as different as wanting the United States to continue to exist and supporting the treasonous Trump regime that is about to take over.

It is vital to realize that Benjamin Netanyahu got his start in politics, not in Israel, but right here in the United States, as a Republican party apparatchik.

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