No, The Muslim Ban Isn’t About Safety

found online by Raymond

From John Pavlovitz:


To quote a wise man: “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

Safety has been the mantra of those trying to justify the Executive Order banning Muslims from seven countries from entering the US; one that threw the international community into immediate panic, stranding terrified families throughout the country and leaving immigration officials with an instant, unprecedented crisis. While thousands of outraged Americans streamed into airports and around city halls all over our nation to oppose the ban, Trump’s vicious guard dog base made of largely white Christians, contended that the President was simply protecting the American people from the encroaching threat of what these folks like to call “radical Islam.”

And it simply isn’t true. The safety of Americans is of little concern to these people, least of all those currently making these decisions. It’s certainly not anything this President gives a damn about.

If this was about keeping Americans safe from violent religious zealots, the President would have his sights on many of the very people most loudly applauding the Muslim Ban. He would be protecting us from angry, unstable white Christians with guns.

Homicides here by Muslim-Americans amount to about one-third of one percent, and the number of murders by Muslim immigrants equals exactly zero.

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Is This 1973?

found online by Raymond

NSFW. Aunt Tildy instructs teenagers to cover their ears while reading.
From Max’s Dad:

Nixon was done in by responsible adults who were adult enough to realize this man was out of control and had to be replaced. The responsible adults are few and far between in the entertainment age we live in. And thus, a speed freak wanders the halls of the White House, watches cable TV looking for perceived slights, and signs papers written by white nationalists he hasn’t read and shows them off with hand picked sycophants staring into space in the background. Responsible adults would already have concluded that the worlds oldest democracy is in bigley trouble because the dummies in three states had a whole lot of economic anxiety about their 19th century job and the fact a black guy was POTUS and voted for a vulgar talking cutie. Responsible adults would have stopped this long ago. But they did not and apparently have no intention of righting the capsizing ship before they accomplish their goal of impoverishing 99% of America and making the peasants grateful for anything they throw to the ground. But ABORTION!! GUNS!!! SOCIALISM!! TERRORISTS!!! BROWNS AND BLACKS!!! SQUIRREL!!!

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