Full Speed Backwards!

found online by Raymond

From Max’s Dad:

This college sophomore, a young woman from Colorado, set up this booth to get people to sign on and “monitor” the University professors to make sure they dont teach anything bad to impressionable young people. You know, like the earth is round or there was actually slavery at one time in this nation’s history, or god forbid, that Donald Trump is an uncouth loud traitor. A demonstration began involving people who think this young woman may have been in line with the Charlottesville gang of punks very fine people who killed a woman by running her over with a car. Words got exchanged. One grad student got a bit honest carried away and screamed at the young snowflake and called her a “neo-fascist”. This caused the young sophomore to cry. Another demonstrator, an actual professor holding a “Turning Point: Put Me On Your Watchlist” was caught on video comforting this poor little sensitive conservative. Then it all ended.

This incident caused 3 state senators to throw a shitfit that their point of view was being stifled by libtards people on the UNL faculty. That’s when the Governor, Pete Trump Ricketts stepped in also to begin threatening the university budget, as long as it didnt affect the 4-8 football team of course. Ricketts, who got every bit of his fortune from his Daddy, started to open his wallet which scares the shit out of any Nebraskan who doesnt want to be ruled by an autocratic trust fund baby.

The grad student, also a lecturer, was asked not to return to campus. The Professor went on with her year, knowing there was some squealing snitch someplace monitoring her every move.

This is where the Nebraska Navy comes in.

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