Joe Returns, She-Devils, Presidential God, Death, Taxes

  • Good news in the blogging world. Manifesto Joe at Texas Blues, whose on-line presence has been obstructed by health and financial issues is preparing a comeback.
  • Republican politics here in Missouri have been a bit unhinged for several decades. Our favorite Earth-Bound Misfit reacts to a candidate hoping to run against Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill. Courtland Sykes has a deep dislike for career-crazed, she-devil banshees who don’t stay home to cook breakfast for their husbands. His words, chapter and verse.
  • M. Bouffant at Web of Evil doesn’t like the way homeless people are treated. Neither should we.
  • I’ve never thought of George Schultz as a peacenik. I mean, George Schultz? Frances Langum reports what Reagan’s Secretary of State had to say to the Senate Armed Services Committee about nuclear weapons and the President as God.
  • The overwhelming majority of the public hated the Republican tax bill when it was signed by President Trump. Conservatives were sure they could change all that after it became law. Ted McLaughlin at jobsanger looks at polling and reports that it isn’t happening.
  • driftglass is all over David Brooks again, accusing him of bothsiderism when both sides are not exactly equal. One example:
    It seems David once more takes the middle of the road as Republicans hold hostages: the weak the vulnerable. And, of course, the military. When Missouri’s own Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill proposed that members of the military be paid during the shutdown. Mitch McConnell said “I object,” and that’s all it took to block it.
    Okay, driftglass does have a point.
  • Senate Democrats ended the shutdown by caving, because Democrats always cave. Well… Infidel753 has looked into the details and is skeptical. Maybe the minority party in the Senate did okay, after all.
  • @bjork55 at Bjork Report lists a few groups: terrorists, organized crime, cybercriminals, Putin, the GOP. Which one doesn’t belong with the others? Trick answer.
  • Jack Jodell at The Saturday Afternoon Post begins by quoting Charles Schumer and God in making the case for throwing Republicans out of elective office.
  • At The Onion, Donald Trump vehemently denies that he never intended to fire, kill, and dismember Robert Mueller.
  • At The Moderate Voice, Shaun Mullen’s take on Steve Bannon is not so much whether he can hurt or be hurt by Trump, as it is the fact that this racist, white nationalist, tribalist, whatever euphemism for evil personality, serves as an accurate reflection of pretty much everyone with whom he has associated.
  • FlyingChainSaw at Stinque makes the case that, if my President one day ends up tweeting from some minimum security facility, it will not be for attempting “sex with child hookers, porn ‘actresses’ and unfortunate models”. It will more likely be for moving money around for organized crime and international adversaries of America.
  • Perhaps this has some application to the current condition of modern conservatism. At The Journal of Improbable Research a study on the placebo effect finds that expensive fake medicine is more effective than cheap fake medicine.
  • Noted author John Scalzi at Whatever has predictions about the Oscars. I suppose I am culturally deprived. I had to confirm with my loved one that the Oscars have not yet been held.
  • North Carolina pastor John Pavlovitz carefully explains to white evangelicals why people are through with them.
  • This week’s note in Trumpian ‘Alternative Facts’ comes from The Guardian, as our President’s characterization of any negative coverage as “fake news” provides authoritarian rulers of other countries cover for their own atrocities.
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