Saturday Rate of Exchange:
Stop Excusing Trumpsters

from Raymond

North Carolina pastor John Pavlovitz is impatient with moral rationalizations. He asks us to stop, please stop, trying so hard, then even harder, to achieve an empathy with Trump supporters, excusing them as captives of an alternate reality composed of falsehoods.

“I’m sorry but this isn’t an acceptable justification,” he says.

Our readers react:


Some “understanding” liberals even expect us to feel guilty over how we have neglected and looked down upon conservative territories, figures, and culture. Never mind how justified we are in rejecting their bigotry, desire for a Christian government, conspiracy theories, disdain for expertise and higher education, and so on.

Never mind how they look down upon us as well, elitism not being limited to the Left. Never mind how many conservatives seem gleeful over government that, rather than focus on constructive policy that tries to help everyone, punishes their enemies. Never mind that they have given us a president like Trump even though he was never even one of them and even though his idiocy and myriad other flaws were clearly on display for everyone long before he was elected.

We should feel very bad about conservatives’ poor little feelings because, after all, they care so much about what we think and would change their ways if only we were kinder. We could even learn a thing or two from their attitude toward gay people, continued support for the Confederacy, abstinence-only education, and rejection of scientific consensus.

Yes, if only we would just listen to their grievances, conservatives would accept us godless, baby-killing, communist perverts.

Dave Dubya, who writes at Freedom Rants:

Ignorance is not a compelling argument.

Con-servatives and Trumpists are willfully ignorant and bask in their resentments.

They have no excuse for their abandonment of reason and reality. They have no excuse for the resulting moral rot and moral relativism behind their bigotry and hate for others. They embraced the far Right indoctrination.

They are a damn cult in every sense of the word. They are no different from the “good Germans” who allowed fascism to destroy their country. And don’t think for a second it can’t happen here. It already has. Just sit back and watch the dying of a nation, brought down by apathetic fools, gullible dupes, rubes, racists and arrogant buffoons.

Their fascist leaders are making America hate again. Humans will suffer and die from their rule.

If Trump doesn’t go down for obstruction of justice, its all over, kids.

Our Last American Prophet, George Carlin told us, “This country is finished…You don’t have rights, you have owners.”

These are the words corpo-dems, the Kochs, Murdoch, Adelson, Sinclair, Mercer, Republicans and Trump are fulfilling.

Can’t say we weren’t warned… Perhaps we are all arrogant buffoons for thinking it can’t happen here. (Hat tip to T. Paine.)

Have a safe weekend.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Rate of Exchange:
Stop Excusing Trumpsters”

  1. “They are no different from the “good Germans” who allowed fascism to destroy their country.”

    Sorry, but you are wrong about that. They are like the bad Germans who worked as hard as they could to make it happen.

    1. GE,
      I was being generous. You are right. They aren’t good at all. Only in their twisted ideology are they good. The American far Right is a cult not unlike the fascists of 1930’s Europe.

      “Good Germans” in parenthesis is a term claimed by those who either stood by silently during the rise of Hitler or quietly followed the barbaric orders of the regime. The term was also used by post-war occupation troops who noted the fact almost all Germans claimed to have nothing to do with the Nazis. They also claimed to be “good Germans”.

      Ask any Trumpist, white supremecist or neo-Nazi. He will readily tell you he is a “Good American”. That’s my frame of reference in this case.

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