We Should Make It As Hard As We Can To Be A Mass Killer

found online by Raymond

From Mark Paserwark at MadMikesAmerica:

The bells of Sutherland Springs toll for us all, each and every American. The dead at their church, on a Chicago street, in an Aurora theater, in a Columbine high school or in a Sandy Hook grade school were all Americans; some old, others so young that their instinct for self-defense was to assume the fetal position and extend their arms to break a fall, not to pull the trigger on Glock 19 Gen 5.

The rate of death by firearms in Sutherland Springs will now forever exceed that of Chicago.

Firearms, those who use them, and those who die by them cross the state and city lines of our country every hour of each day. Chicago or Sutherland Springs acting by themselves cannot assure their citizens the safety deserved by Americans.

The Good Man with a gun–sometimes there, most often not–is less needed when there are simply fewer guns.

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