3 thoughts on “Health Care: Saving The ACA”

  1. Pathetic.

    Everything in the President’s short tenure has failed, except the ACA. It’s not failing. So let’s do everything to actively make it fail.

    The President is winning at failing. I’m already tired of all the winning.

    I’m also waiting to hear from our friends on the right side of the spectrum on their opinions of ruling and legislating by executive order. I’ve readied my mind and exercised to prepare myself for the mental gymnastics explaining why this is fine, but DACA isn’t.

    1. Real world consequences will emerge from this destructive tantrum behavior. Human beings will suffer and likely die from this wanton demolition.

      Will Democrats speak for them? Or will they continue responding like cowards?

      There is no better time than now for them to do the right thing and unite behind a Medicare for all approach to health care.

      But that would be wishing for them find their spines and souls…

    2. As of today, a shortened enrollment period is the least of my concerns regarding the ACA’s future. Trump is now attacking subsidies! Even if this is challenged, it sends a clear message to the market that nothing is certain as long as this disgrace of a president is in charge.

      I really cannot think of a single positive thing to say about him.

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