Don’t Want to Pay for ‘Sex Out Loud?’ Opt-Out on Student Fee

found online by Raymond

From Wisconsin conservative James Wigderson:

WAUKESHA, Wis. – In addition to a proposed 5 percent cut in tuition at state universities, Gov. Scott Walker wants to help students spend less for college by making some student fees optional.

The governor’s 2017-19 budget proposal would make optional the “allocable segregated fees” portion of the tuition bill at University of Wisconsin System schools. These are the student fees that fund such things as student government, student organizations and even a free bus pass program for UW-Madison students.

OPT-OUT: Gov. Scott Walker is proposing allowing students to opt-out of paying student fees at UW-System campuses to avoid supporting political speech contrary to their beliefs.

“At a time when we want to make college more affordable, we should not be forcing all students to pay for things such as ‘Sex Out Loud,’” said Walker spokesman Tom Evenson in a statement. “The governor’s proposal reduces tuition for students by 5 percent and ensures they have the final say on what their money funds in terms of allocable programs. It is all aimed at affordability and accountability.”

The “Sex Out Loud” program referenced by Evenson is to “promote healthy sexuality through sex-positive education and activism.” The student group received $103,000 in student fees this year and offered classes such as “Kink 420” regarding fetish sex.

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