2 thoughts on “Fondly Remembering Obama – 3/14/2017”

  1. I’ve been enjoying this series of pictures of your recently retired President, on the assumption that they pay sincere homage to the man as someone to be remembered positively and perhaps with affection, setting to one side the disparaging words persons in power inevitably attract from their inevitable opponents

    But I dearly wish you could examine your conscience, common sense and even your aesthetic sensibilities in this matter. It wouldn’t be a big job to remove this caption, repeated ad nauseam,

    ‘Wondering why a few conservative friends see our former President as “an arrogant buffoon”’.

    I’m not suggesting this as a plea for more gentlemanly behaviour; clearly the gloves are off & no holds barred.

    I’m suggesting that the psychology of persuasion works against you. Every time you post a delightful picture of Barack Obama being himself, or being President, I don’t know him personally to detect the difference if any, you put “arrogant buffoon” in my head and I cannot help it working on me.

    Something inside me says, “What has the arrogant buffoon been up to this time? Wow, it’s as they say. If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.”

    Which is not what I want to think at all. You have put it in my head. Please desist! I have no quarrel with the fellow. Can we leave it like that? Please?

    1. Thank you, Vincent.

      I am carrying out Burr’s newest tradition until he is on his feet and back in charge of the Presidential photo series.

      I understand that he and conservative T. Paine are good friends who have been sparring like this for years. Burr has a deep reservoir of affectionate stories of what a wonderful fellow T. Paine has been. He repeats those tales until each of us is ready to celebrate T. Paine’s miraculous birth. Then we all try to save our sanity by fleeing for home.

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