The Lie as a Tool of Policy!

found online by Raymond

From Jack Jodell at The Saturday Afternoon Post:

The countdown has officially begun: as of today’s date, there are only 1,068 days remaining in the term of this current abominable presidency, and I, among many millions, cannot wait for the next President to take office! While nearly all politicians stretch the truth for their own benefit, the Trump administration has implemented the lie as a tool of policy. From top to bottom throughout this wretched administration – from Kellyanne Con-job to Steve Bannon to Sean Spicer to Trump himself, we are constantly being con-job-the-lyiarexposed to one lie after another as these scoundrels begin implementing their pro-billionaire, anti everyone else agenda. Con-job’s mythical “Bowling Green Massacre” is a perfect example, but is far from the only one.

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