Tim Kaine as
“Cafeteria Catholic”

found online by Raymond

From T. Paine at Saving Common Sense:

The Archbishop of Kansas City, Joseph F. Naumann, posted an excellent article on his diocesan website on October 14th regarding the Democrat nominee for Vice President, Tim Kaine. Senator Kaine professes to be a Catholic, but like many elected Democrat officials, he also takes the politically expedient viewpoint of being pro-abortion. It is something that has long troubled me as these folks DO know better.

Now I would expect Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to be militantly “pro-choice” in every aspect possible, but when supposed Catholic folks like Nancy Pelosi, John Biden, John Kerry, or Tim Kaine take a pro-abortion stance, it would seem to me that they are trading what their faith teaches them to be right and true for the thirty pieces of silver that Democrat political viability demands.

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3 thoughts on “Tim Kaine as
“Cafeteria Catholic””

  1. “Pro abortion” eh? When did Kaine have an abortion? When did Kaine urge all women to have abortions? Ain’t that what “pro-abortion” means?

    Sounds to me like there’s a “Pro-big government, Daddy-statist” advocating government monitoring of every uterus, criminalizing women infected with Zika for not bringing to term a fetus with an abnormally small head and brain—a condition known as microcephaly.

    Can’t be lettin’ those uppity wimmin decide what’s best for conservative church goin’ men, can we? Sposta be the other way around, like God said.

    Ah, for the good old days. Bloody coat hangers and dead women in the alley so men can dictate what’s best for lesser humans.

    Human rights? Not equal. Man, zygote, Woman, in that order.

    Some regimes understood this is the proper way.

    On October 10, 1936 Heinrich Himmler created the Reich Central Office for Combating Homosexuality and Abortion, or Special Office (II S), a sub-department of Executive Department II of the Gestapo. God’s work, to be sure.

    If we can demonize women and Democrats as “pro-abortion” then perhaps TP can be demonized as pro-Nazi. Or would that be a “Cafeteria Nazi”?

    Fair and balanced, right? After all, Godwin’s Law has “God” in it.

  2. Oh…Mr. Dubya. It seems like you used to be a little more open-minded. Or perhaps that is only when I agreed with YOUR positions. Anyway, your condescension and name calling (pro-Nazi? Really?) really is reaching new lows.

    You keep repeating your memes ad nauseum (“nukular tubes”, “Bush’s war of aggression”, blah blah blah). I have even written posts debunking your progressive chants, but there is no one so blind as he who refuses to see, I guess.

    I have also spelled out Hillary’s crimes for you before too on multiple sites. I will do so again I suppose, but I am moving over the next few days so you will just have to wait a bit. Perhaps by then FBI Director Comey can redeem himself and the rule of law with Hillary’s latest email mess announced today.

    Hang in there, buddy! Cheers!

  3. TP,


    I was merely presenting a hypothetical demonization to counter your actual one. Sorry you missed the satiric “Cafeteria Nazi” bit. I thought it was funny. A sick sense of humor is healthy in these sick times.

    It’s not like I’m calling you the devil like the Republican presidential candidate does in debate. I didn’t even blame you for all the ills of the world. Careful, you don’t want to be too thin skinned, like those over-sensitive liberals.

    While you’re busy moving, I’ll pass along a few of your memes.

    “Pro abortion”. “Cafeteria Catholic” (They ALL are, I used to be one.) “Progressive chants”. “No one so blind”. “Hillary’s crimes”. (Still not specified, but lock her up anyway). “Hillary’s email”. (Lest we forget.)

    And last, but not least, “Rule of law”. (Also not specified, but lock her up anyway.)

    Memes are such fun.

    I hope your move goes well, and take care to lift carefully. We’re getting too old for that stuff.

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