The Democrats’ Fascist Fangs Exposed in Crusade Against ‘Catastrophic’ Climate Change

found online by Raymond

From libertarian Michael A. LaFerrara at Principled Perspectives:
June 24, 2016

The Democrats’ attack on dissenters of the government’s official catastrophic climate change narrative, which started with Exxon, is reaching more and more private citizens for the crime of speaking their minds. Now, the attack has hit Alex Epstein’s Center for Industrial Progress. The Daily Caller published Epstein’s “terse response to a subpoena sent by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey Wednesday.” Michael Bastasch reports:

Healey demanded the oil giant ExxonMobil hand over 40 years of documents, including information pertaining to the company’s dealings with about a dozen think tanks and trade associations, which have been targeted by environmental groups for opposing left-wing global warming policies.

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3 thoughts on “The Democrats’ Fascist Fangs Exposed in Crusade Against ‘Catastrophic’ Climate Change”

  1. Note the incredibly short-sighted comments that, as usual, ignore the benefits of publicly funded research and the problems of the politicization of science with private funding:

    “Of course, gvt. should give NO funds to research into climate change (global warming, whatever), not pro or con. Gvt. should fund only research into identifying, and into how to best perform, its proper function. That is, indeed, a science.”

    “True. Government funding of science has corrupted the whole field, especially but not only climate change. Government funding is, by definition, politicization. So it’s hard to know what scientific “facts” to trust and what not to.”

    I just can’t help but view people like this as enemies.

    1. I feel bad for him for the world he thinks he lives in. I feel like he uses Objectivism as a shield to hide from what he really is. A paranoid contrarian. Nothing the government does can possibly be right. Like… what does he believe the end result is? Some Government Bureaucrat is sitting behind his ludicrously expensive office desk in Washington D.C. twirling his thin mustache wondering how else he can screw The People?

      I swear, this fellow would find something wrong with a Government employee rescuing an injured baby bird that had fallen out of its nest.

      1. Well, that image of the government bureaucrat does sound like it came straight out of an Ayn Rand novel. But yes, that disregard for the realistic motivations behind the government’s behavior is common among both libertarians and conspiracy theories. It’s no coincidence, I suspect, that so many libertarians are enamored of those conspiracy theories.

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