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Judge/Prosecutor Crane Caught in Lie

It has been quite some time since we've sent out an update. Many of you keep up with what is going on in Ryan's case through Facebook, local news reports or the freeryanferguson website. As you probably know Ryan's 5 day habeas evidentiary hearing took place last week in Cole county. Ryan's attorney, Kathleen Zellner, presented many witnesses. The only two people to testify against Ryan during his 2005 trial (Chuck Erickson & Jerry Trump) have recanted their previous testimony and admitted they lied on the stand. Both also testified during last weeks hearing that Kevin Crane, the prosecutor at that time, aided and abetted in their fabricated testimony. Jerry Trump has everything to lose and nothing to gain by this admission. His testimony was very emotional. Not only did he cry but he also asked Ryan for forgiveness.

It is evident from the state's stance during Ryan's hearing that the prosecution is not interested in the truth nor are they interested in justice. They see it as their sole purpose to keep Ryan where he is and continue to perpetuate the lies that this case has been built upon. It was interesting to see them argue their case with nothing to back it up!

We feel very optimistic that the judge will rule in Ryan's favor. Each side will present their written summaries to Judge Green by June 15. Once he has these he can make his decision. He indicated that he would rule quickly. If that is the case, we could have a decision by mid to late July! There is not one shred of evidence or one witness that shows Ryan had anything to do with this crime. Our heart aches for the Heitholt family who has been deceived by the prosecution all these years. We wonder when they will finally see true justice for Kent.

Below we have included 3 links to YouTube videos which include Jerry Trump's and Chuck Erickson's testimony in last week's hearing to help you better understand the significance of the recantation of these two important witnesses.

Again, we want to thank each of you for your continued support in our on-going fight for justice.

Jerry Trump Admits he committed Perjury during Ryan Ferguson’s 2005 Trial
Kevin Crane, Judge/Prosecutor, caught in a BIG LIE!

Charles Erickson 2012 Habeas Hearing Testimony
Charles Erickson’s Interrogation One Hour After His Arrest

This video supports Erickson’s April 2012 Testimony that he does not remember what happen that night.
04/29/12 @ 11:01
Comment from: Stacy M [Visitor]
I always feel the need to clarify this point - Crane ran for judge UNOPPOSED. There was no way he could lose. As I understand it he did, however, rack up the highest percentage of opposing write-in votes in Boone County history.
08/30/12 @ 17:40
Comment from: kerry danis [Visitor]
What ever happened to the evidence at the crime scene? The strands of hair clutched in the victims hand and the bloody shoe prints? Were these clues ever followed up on?
12/01/12 @ 12:37

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