Comment from: Jerry Critter [Visitor] ·
Mitt's claim is similar to taking a quote out of context. Technically it is true, but the whole truth needs the rest of the information.

Once again, with the proper manipulation of the numbers, almost anything can be "proved".
04/17/12 @ 11:11
Comment from: Burr Deming [Member] Email
Thanks, Jerry. It's hard not to agree. Statistical evidence can be valuable, but it is always wise to glance under the hood before buying.
04/18/12 @ 05:31
Comment from: Jack Jodell [Visitor] Email ·
Leave it to Romney to come up with a disingenuous fabrication like this one!
04/18/12 @ 08:59
Comment from: Max S. Chartrand [Visitor] Email
Then, doggone it, what are the mitigating figures in this? Are saying that Romney's lowball figure of those losing jobs since Obama's come to office that x% were rehired, and therefore the loss was offset by x%? Harping on the 92.3% vs 300% does not tell us as much as getting the answer: Have Obama's policies and influence on employment (i.e., fallout for demonizing employees as a ploy to force them to hire) hurt women significantly more than it has hurt men? That is the question that matters.
04/21/12 @ 07:23

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