Comment from: Jack Jodell [Visitor] Email ·
Mitt Romney is a very, very sick and perverse man. He is a loser from the word go.
03/30/12 @ 09:26
Comment from: Jerry Critter [Visitor] ·
So Mitt ses throwing thousands of people out of work as humorous. What do you expect? He is a republican.
03/30/12 @ 09:37
It is not "throwing thousands of people out of work" that he finds humorous. It is the situation with the band that followed.

Still, Romney's story is not in good taste. Much of what the Republican candidates have been saying indicates an inability or unwillingness to think before they speak. There is little to no sense of diplomacy. I suppose it's possible that they just don't care or don't think that their constituents do, but that's not better.
03/30/12 @ 15:50
Comment from: Jerry Critter [Visitor] ·
I think he doesn't realize what he is saying. He lives in a different world from the vast majority of Americans. I mean, look at the things he says. Does he follow NASCAR? Well, he knows some NASCAR owners. His wife drives a couple of Cadillacs. The man is clueless as to the lives of the average American. Yet, he is trying to portray himself as average.
03/30/12 @ 21:40

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