Comment from: JMyste [Visitor]
Whether a zygote is a human is a completely irrelevant question. A zygote is a human at the very early stage of life.

One could also say that the sperm is human also. The argument that birth the abortion pill, for example, is murder, is the same argument as "a condom is murder." Therefore, one makes as much sense as the other: none.
03/15/12 @ 18:40
Comment from: T. Paine [Visitor] ·
The futility of me arguing with friends that have axioms that are diametrically opposed to natural law, let alone traditional Judeo-Christian law, is quite apparent. I won't waste any more time on the subject accordingly.
03/16/12 @ 11:22
"Natural law" is just rhetoric to make your beliefs seem more valuable and to make different beliefs seem false by virtue of their difference. Stick with Judeo-Christian law, which is at least written down somewhere.
03/17/12 @ 10:36

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