Comment from: Tim McGaha [Visitor] ·
The problem that I've always had with this scenario is that it ignores the fact that center-right voters do, in fact, exist. And that their interests are not served by a center-left party. Your glorious future of a one-party state ignores them entirely. Or perhaps you imagine that they'll finally see the light?

Let's get back to the fundamental reason behind the existence of political parties to begin with. They exist to pass legislation. You cannot pass legislation without majorities. You cannot have majorities without voters. So, the people who write the checks that fund the parties are very keen to have those voters.

Somewhere between #5 and #6, those check-writers will see that their plan isn't working, and they'll turn off the noise machine. Remember that "cheap" isn't the same as "free", and that the noise machine can't be sustained indefinitely by hobbyist effort. Sure, some people will prefer to pull the wool over their own eyes. But more, I think, will prefer to have real power over events. They'll eventually get tired of losing.

Also, institutions have value. They have history. The names "Lincoln", "Roosevelt", and "Eisenhower" resonate with the American psyche. The current incarnation of the GOP will crash and burn, but someone will salvage the wreckage, and turn it into a decent place for center-right voters to go. Right now, they don't have that home. But once the crash bottoms out, they will take the opportunity to seize control back from the crazies.
02/27/12 @ 05:36
Comment from: JMyste [Visitor]
"Unless, of course, my poor memory fails me and I slip again."

Your whole essay was thoroughly entertaining.

Your affirmative prayers to the contrary, I see no evidence that the GOP is dying. Though I am loath to offend your crystal, I also see no reason to believe the GOP will die in the near future.

Do not consult your failing memory, but instead review the post. I listed some of the things that would keep it alive, even as fanatics take control. Admittedly, I failed to mention the most important thing that sustains us all: not dying. While I relax with a cocktail and a grin, the burden of proof clearly weighs heavily upon your shoulders. Additionally, I have heard your affirmations, and I believe I answered your prayers, just not in the way you would have liked. I work in mysterious ways.

02/27/12 @ 07:22
Comment from: The Heathen Republican [Visitor] Email ·
I'll make a counter prediction, Burr. On January 1, 2020, both the Democrat and Republican parties will remain the two major parties in the U.S. I'll bet you a Ruth's Chris dinner on it, if you're so inclined.
02/27/12 @ 18:27
Comment from: Burr Deming [Member] Email
Sounds good, Heathen, although perhaps you will consider paying up at a comparable restaurant on the Hill in St. Louis. Sadly, Ruggeri's is gone. At least I think it is. It was so popular that, when Yogi Berra was asked whether he still frequented the place, he famously said: "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."
02/28/12 @ 00:49

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