Comment from: Papamoka [Visitor] ·
Thank you for the link to my article. I greatly appreciate it.
02/18/12 @ 13:21
Comment from: JMyste [Visitor]
I read the esteemed Mr. Houk's article, which I found to be benign when compared with most.

He simply explained that hating Muslims is OK because they are worthy of hate. He careful explained hatred of those who deserve hatred is not hate, or something like that. I got all confused by Houk Reason.
02/22/12 @ 19:10
Thanks for the plug. Let me explain the point at which I lost you.

You wrote: "Ryan (I think) at Secular Ethics explains what is ethical and what is not when it comes to covering contraception. I admit he kind of loses me when he insists that a moral objection must be based on the physical world."

I mean that one must be able to convincingly show how a moral transgression would cause unjustifiable harm. In order to do so, one must be able to point to effects in the physical world.

In contrast, one cannot show that some behavior is wrong simply by pointing to a passage from some sacred text. This is insufficient justification for a few reasons:

1.) We have a diverse society with a secular government.

2.) The sacred text has to be established as true beyond reasonable doubt before we can take it seriously as a basis for law.

3.) "God says so" is not a rationally compelling argument unless it is accompanied with an explanation of why God says so.

Let me know if you have further questions.
02/23/12 @ 07:09
Comment from: JMyste [Visitor]

I do have a question. Are you not aware of how brutal God can be if you try to make Him justify His laws?

Were you there when God blinked and in less than a divine week humans were helping the Sun and the other Stars rule the day and the night?

Were you there when God designed His faulty tectonic plates that constantly smash into each other and break the earth?

Were you there when God made the mosquito?

No, so your puny little mind is not going to be able to comprehend the explanation you seek. Build a universe and then resubmit your question.

In the meantime, read about Job. He explains it all there.

02/23/12 @ 16:11
Comment from: Ryan [Visitor]

I am not aware, but I invite God to show me. My faith can only grow stronger.
02/25/12 @ 13:07

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