Comment from: JMyste [Visitor]
In all fairness to the Heathen Republican, he did not say that since the dog whistle is "deniable by design" it doesn't happen. That charge is falsifiable and false. He said that the charge cannot be rebutted, but that fact does not corroborate the charge.

Another way to put it is that the charge itself can be made against anyone anywhere, and since it is not falsifiable, the victim of the charge has no defense. The fact that the victim of the charge has no defense does nothing to suggest his guilt, as that type of charge can never be defended, by definition; therefore, the burden of proof cannot be upon the one charged with a non-falsifiable statement, and must be on the one making the charge.

Another way to put it is this: though the charge may or may not be true, if it is made, but not proven, it is, by definition, fallacious.

So to clarify another point you made, though the charge is fallacious, it may also contain some truth. How would we know unless we consider it?

I think most republicans are not any more racist than most democrats. Any prejudice they express is against the poor and those who benefit from entitlements. Of course, my belief is not falsifiable and not provable, so it just a guess.
02/04/12 @ 11:49
Comment from: Jack Parkes [Visitor] ·
Why, thank you for the kind words.
02/05/12 @ 07:42

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