“Protestors screamed racial epithets at passing Democratic members of Congress. Civil rights hero John Lewis was among those on the receiving end. Another, Emanuel Cleaver from here in Missouri, was spat on”, writes Mr. Deming.

How do we know these things happened? Well, because these honest politicians told us so. The fact is that Andrew Breitbart himself offered a $100,000 dollar donation to the United Negro College Fund if anyone could produce evidence of these events and yet to date the bounty remains unclaimed.

I don’t know much about Breitbart. I haven’t seen his videos, and I really don’t care. If he is guilty as charged in Ms. Sherrod’s case, then I hope he is found liable accordingly. If not, it won’t matter to the left regardless.

Right now, despite our “wonderful deal” that the terroristic Tea Party managed to get completely “their way”, it would seem our stock market is crashing, Standard and Poor’s and Fitch are both still discussing downgrading our credit rating, like China actually did yesterday. Not one single solitary cent was cut in spending, and yet the Democrats, including our ass of a Vice President, are calling their political adversaries “terrorists” for not letting them spend more money. Yeah, right now I am a little more concerned about whether our economy and country survives rather than if some partisan right winger is guilty of doing what Media Matters has done in the past.

I apologize for my acerbic comment in advance, but I am feeling rather testy this morning.
08/04/11 @ 09:14
Comment from: JMyste [Visitor]
I have to agree with T. Paine on this one. He is a little testy.

Like Mr. T. Paine, I have to ask myself, why is the stock market plummeting? Why is our credit rating at risk? Hmmm. When did this happen? What makes people think American is not as credit-worthy as it used to be and what makes them think it would consider defaulting on its debt and stealing from those from whom it borrowed money? Hmm. If only I could remember how this came to be. It wasn't the debt. We had that before things plummeted. What in the hell was it?

If only I could remember.
08/04/11 @ 11:12
Mr. Myste, it will probably suprise you to find out that I think you are completely wrong in this matter.

It is the fact that we have once again NOT addressed our deficit problem and have instead decided to add to our debt without cutting any spending whatsoever that our credit ratings are now in danger, and indeed already down-graded by the Chinese reporting agency yesterday.

If it was simply a matter of reaching a deal regarding the rasing of that debt ceiling, well we accomplished that, so why would the threat still be there regarding downgrading our AAA status if that truly was the problem, sir?

Nice try, however.
08/04/11 @ 13:15
Comment from: JMyste [Visitor]
I guess you are right, Mr. T. Paine. Everyone would probably have reacted just the same, even if we did not spend a month threatening to not pay our debts and warning the world that we will make the threat again and may well follow through with it. It is not that that made the world lose confidence in us. We told the world that we have a debt crisis, and that crisis is, we WILL NOT pay our creditors unless some of the rest of us do what we want. That protracted threat had nothing to do with the way the world perceives us. The world is just stupid.

I would, however, like to point out that the moronic world only became moronic when the Tea Party started its threats and there is no reason to believe the world would not have remained moronic if not for the education the Tea Party provided. However, this has nothing to do with confidence in America. So, what made everyone so timid? It is the fact that we raised our debt ceiling instead of defaulting on our loans that made the world lose the faith that we will pay our debts. We have tried that strategy with great success so many times that it was bound to get us sooner or later. Purely by chance, it happened to get us at the same time the Tea Party promised everyone that we do not intend to pay our debts unless certain demands that are out of their control are met.

Coincidences! You gotta love ‘em.

Thank you for recognizing my previous effort. I love recognition from those whom I respect, and I receive it all too seldom.
08/04/11 @ 17:42
Hmmm... John, with that line of reasoning, it would seem if we could simply muzzle (or better yet eliminate) the Tea Party, the world would remain ignorant.

In that way we could have endlessly continued to spend money we do not have and simply raise the debt ceiling each time we approached it. Yep, I cannot think of a single reason why this would be unsustainable, my friend.
08/05/11 @ 08:44

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