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I visited the article you referenced by Mr. Paine:

Wow! I am awe-stricken. At the top of the article, I see that it was written by Guest. To my disappointment, it was not Edgar A.

Then I noticed that it says it is "1 words" long. 1 words really aren’t that many, so me thought, "I will not have to read far to get the conservative gist this time." There were some scribbles after the one word article, but I did not bother reading them, as I knew they were not part of the main text, since they clearly exceeded the pre-defined limit. I read the word: "Mr."

It was far more poignant than I had anticipated. Usually Mr. Paine is so verbose and he often challenges me in ways I am not well equipped to handle. However, I could refute his word this time, were I of a mind to, and I think I am:


06/21/11 @ 00:24
Wow! Mr. Carney is that you who wrote this under the pseudonym of Burr Deming? ;)

Myste, you ain't right, son! ;)
06/21/11 @ 14:44

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