Comment from: JMyste [Visitor]
Mr. Deming, you remind me of brownies when you talk like that. I will tell you why some day.

The unemployed fireman, the uneducated children and the homeless will all do better than you think.

Here is the point you are missing: Bill Gates eats a sandwich, right? He does not eat the whole sandwich. Crumbs fall from his chin and into the mouths of hungry children. The more money Bill has, the more sandwiches he consumes. Pretty soon, he is letting the hungry children clean up more and more debris that falls from his mouth while he eats. Eventually literally everyone is on their hands and knees sweeping Bill’s leftovers into the greedy mouths.

Don’t you get it? As long as Bill Gates has sandwiches, it is virtually impossible for homeless children to go hungry.

If Bill Gates has tons of sandwiches and homeless children are not hungry, then what more does the country need? It needs to pay its debts. Since we found a way to feed everyone without expanding our government, why not do that? Mr. Deming, you also can crawl on your hands and knees for discarded crumbs. This is America. We all can.

03/29/11 @ 00:40
Interesting post, Mr. Deming, but a little over-simplified. You leave out a lot of contributing factors from the supply and demand equation, sir.

When the government does not have any money in reserve to prime the Keynesian pumps of the economy and they choose to print dollars or digitize the money, all that does is create inflation, since there is no value behind that newly printed cash.

Now the poor have to pay $4.00/gal for gas instead of last week's $3.50/gal. The same goes for that loaf of bread, or junior's new Nikes.

When one spends significantly more than one has, and doesn't have the means to recoup that "investment" in a somewhat timely manner, household budgets and national economies collapse.

The return on investment in our current national case is going to be a long time coming considering we have at least $14 Trillion dollars in national debt already, sir.
03/30/11 @ 08:56

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