Comment from: Jack Jodell [Visitor] Email ·
I would agree that is a very accurate summation of our present situation.
09/21/09 @ 08:52
These systems of "indenture" that Blackmon exposes are very hard to trace, records being what they are from those time periods.
--I wonder what future geberations will say about today's world, --our world-- and our exponentially growing prison systems which are becoming a massive industry that warehouses human beings and uses them not unlike a raw material.
09/22/09 @ 14:24
Comment from: humanist [Visitor]
I think my mom read that book. Apparently it was pretty depressing.

And really, the same narrative (with some difference to detail) applies to people of every other race except white, women, queer people of every stripe, the disabled, prisoners (thank you, SJ), low class workers and the underclasses in general, and I'm probably forgetting a good dozen or so, at least.

The Establishment narrative on all these situations at the moment is "yeah, maybe there are a few problems here-and-there, but aside from a few incidental details, everything's just fine." This, with merely a few cosmetic changes to the wording, has been the unchanging position of the Establishment stretching back to the time when black people and women were legally the property of white males.

It's been wrong all those times up through the present, and shows no sign of changing its tune in future.
09/28/09 @ 15:30

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