Is it so unreasonable to expect those who accept a position that serves and is funded by a diverse public to have a better sense of what is appropriate and when it is so? Rep. Allen could have encouraged love and peace without reference to Christianity or encouraged Christianity without using his political position. This is not difficult to understand. Just as many Christians would object to a Muslim representative's video (or even just a Muslim representative) encouraging consideration of Islam during a Muslim holiday or an atheist representative's video (or even just an atheist representative) encouraging dismissal of all religions in the name of peace and progress, it is not unreasonable for non-Christians to object to this video.

As for the vitriolic and threatening messages that he received, one has to remember that this is the internet. In my experience, Christians--especially conservative Christians--are no better toward atheists or other groups online. It seems to me that the ones who need to hear the message most are not atheists, but those who disregard it even as they claim to believe it.

It's also amusing to hear about love and peace from Republicans, but since I don't know Rep. Allen, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt here.
01/04/16 @ 11:22

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