The President Who Might Have Been, But Never Was

As Trump scandals begin moving into actual criminal indictments, with looming prison time, one sports event symbolizes, at least for me, the tragedy of our 43rd President, the President whose love for baseball was unsurpassed.

Otsuka was pitching when Yuli came to bat. It was the bottom of the 9th and things were desperate.

Cinderella teams in baseball often fight to come from behind. That’s what Cinderella teams do. But this was harder than most: down 4-0 before even coming to bat in the first, way behind all the way through the game. And this was for baseball’s final world championship game of 2006.

But the 6th and the 8th innings were the miracle innings, fighting back to within a run. 6 to 5.

The top of the ninth looked like a repeat of the first, giving up 4 more. The score was 10 to 6, when second baseman Yuli Gurriel became a last hope.

That hope was crushed for Cuba, as Japan’s Akinori Otsuka stuck out Gurriel.

Japan had won the World Baseball Classic.

The connection of that event with George W. Bush is not widely recognized.
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