Trump Collapses After 90 Minutes of Faking Empathy

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From The Borowitz Report:

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump collapsed from exhaustion after approximately ninety minutes of pretending to be a human being with empathy, the White House doctor has confirmed.

“In all my years of practicing medicine, I have never met a patient as healthy and vigorous as President Trump,” Dr. Ronny Jackson said. “But the sustained effort of simulating compassion proved too much for someone who has never exercised that part of his brain before.”

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A Personal Tale

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From Green Eagle:

Well, I could not imagine anyone but the worst of right wingers using that sort of language about Hillary Clinton, let alone a widely known supposed progressive. In fact, it is as far as I can remember the most anti-woman comment that anyone ever made in my presence.

Okay, enough of my personal tale; now on to the point. We have all been distressed, I think, at the behavior of the Berniebots and Jill Stein supporters, and at their willingness to accept the 25 years of Republican smears directed at Hillary. I guess we are not all that surprised that they refuse to take one shred of responsibility for their falling for the Republican propaganda about Hillary, and for their very significant role in putting a miserably unqualified and corrupt Repubican in the White House for the second time in sixteen years. But (like many of us, I suspect) I mainly wrote this off as the attitude of polticial neophytes that just didn’t understand the damage that a Republican President could do, and failed to see their responsibility to the American people to elect a decent President who cared about poor people, sick people, anyone but the extremely rich. I guess I naively assumed that they would become more responsible as they saw the damage they did.

But what does it say to us when we see this same behavior at the very top of the “progressive” world, coming from people who certainly, somewhere deep inside, know the truth?

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Deporting Our Best, Keeping Our Worst

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From Yellow Dog at Blue in the Bluegrass:

And the representation in the population of privileged white conservatard men rises every day that working, patriotic Americans are railroaded out of the country.

With every lost immigrant, America gains more gun-crazed, racist and misogynistic assholes just panting for the chance to kill more ni**ers and cunts.

We are eating our seed corn.

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Democrats (Rightfully) Quash a Radical Strain

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From Jonathan Bernstein:

If you blinked, you missed it, but there were actually two very interesting lessons to be learned from a brief flap on Thursday in which PolitiFact hired, then fired, former Democratic congressman Alan Grayson to be a “reader advocate.” Twitter exploded with complaints, and PolitiFact backed down. They’ll search for some other Democrat to pair with Republican David Jolly.

It seems that Grayson’s extreme partisanship, failure to respect the truth, and other poor behavior — including accusations of domestic violence and physically intimidating a reporter — have made him a rare point of partisan (and media) consensus.

Lesson No. 1: There’s nothing inherently conservative or Republican about radicalism, norm defiance, and other types of behavior that make Madisonian democracy difficult. I talk about Republican radicals quite often because there are a bunch of them in Congress who matter a lot, but that’s an artifact of all sorts of things, not something for which liberals (or centrists, or people at any other point on an ideological scale) are somehow naturally immune.

Lesson No. 2: The impulses may not be particularly Republican, but the two parties are very, very different.

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Saturday Rate of Exchange:
Converting Black People

from Raymond

Although Jordan Thomas Cooper is a relatively recent history major, having graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2015, he is already making a name for himself in Republican politics as an African-American speechwriter for several southern political figures.
He believes black people will convert from the Democratic Party and become Republicans if school building are improved:

The reason blacks don’t vote for Republicans in general is because they think they’re racists. Blacks feel that Republicans are the cause of gentrification, mass incarceration of blacks, and the inadequate education of much of the black population. Blacks won’t think Republicans are racist anymore if all of the public schools are renovated and kept up to date.

Three of our readers react:


I went to The Moderate Voice and read the whole thing. Please tell me this is some kind of parody.

Surely a major reason why most black people don’t vote Republican is that a lot of Republicans make it clear that they actually are racists — and there’s a lot more to that than bad schools.

Infidel writes with uncommon wisdom at his own site.

Dave Dubya:

People don’t care where they eat at and how the buildings look that they eat in. As long as the food is good and it’s clean there. That’s what matters the most. Furthermore, there is nothing that can beat a home cooked meal. Two main ideas of integration were about schools and voting.

This is the only time voting is mentioned. Voter IDs, longer lines, and restrictions on registration are not even mentioned. But at least, “there is nothing that can beat a home cooked meal”.

This swill was written by a Black Republican, so it’s no wonder that it makes no sense.

We have another well-qualified Secretary of HUD, obviously.

Dave’s views are are often found at Freedom Rants. His rants are usually very good.


Content of the piece aside, the writing is incredibly poor for a speechwriter and for someone who served such high-profile politicians. I suppose that they all share Trump’s mindset: the less qualified, the better.

Ryan gave up blogging a while back. Those who appreciate clarity and logic hope for his eventual return.

Have a safe weekend.

Dying to Vote

As voting controversies multiply I think back to origins. I think of a Senator from Missouri and a lady who recently celebrated her 97th birthday in North Carolina.

Her name is Rosanell Eaton. As folks gathered in North Carolina to march to the polls, she stood, worn and feisty, and talked about the days when the poll tax, the tax on those showing up to register, was occasionally death. She and her mother rode in a mule drawn wagon for two hours to the courthouse in 1939, where she was determined to exercise her right to vote. She was confronted by the traditional test, the one given to black folks.

One man, as they were looking at each other again, told me: Stand up straight, against that wall, with your eyes looking directly toward me, and repeat the Preamble of the United States of America.

To everyone’s surprise, she looked the man in the eyes and repeated, word for word, the entire preamble to the Constitution of the United States.

Without missing a word, I did it.

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A Little Show and a Lotta Tell

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From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

It seems that Trump and his allies don’t have a problem smearing the FBI to pretend that the investigation of the very real Russian involvement into the 2016 election and his very real (as in, he’s in the White House) benefit from the same, is about some partisan motivation. A telephonic glitch that affected the text messages of thousands of DOJ personnel that was eventually restored, was treated like a ghoulish deep state cover-up. A sarcastic joke between FBI associates about a “secret society” was treated as being quite sinister indeed. But these misleading stories bandied about by Trump fans are little compared to the dopey memo that Trump’s Congressional Renfield, Devin Nunes, wants everyone to see, and no one to see.

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Why Do Pastors Defend and Support Criminals?

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From The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser:

As I wade through the neck-deep filth in the Evangelical gutter gathering information for the Black Collar Crime series, one common event shows up in story after story: that when these criminals are on trial or they are being sentenced for their crimes, their pastors are on hand to let everyone know that the predator pastor was a good person who did a bad thing. Often, these testifying pastors tell judges and juries that the criminal’s good works outweigh any bad that he might have done; that molesting and raping children or sexually assaulting church members is somehow atoned for by the church member’s or ex-pastor’s good works. These so-called men of God even go so far as to ask the courts to grant the convicted offender probation, promising that the child molester/rapist has turned over a new leaf and has crossed-his-heart-hoped-to-die promised that he will never, ever rape, molest, look at child porn, or take sexual advantage of woman. Why do pastors seem so willing to be character references for criminals?

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