Roy Moore- The Other Side of the Story

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From Green Eagle:

I have read so much about Roy Moore lately, and there is no question that he is one of the lowest people you will ever come across. And yet none of his loathsome acts over the years seems to be deterring any significant number of Republicans in Alabama from voting for him. It’s pretty clear what that says about him and his supporters, but I want to take a minute to talk about why Alabama voters might be voting against his opponent, Doug Jones.

As we all know, Jones’ most famous act, and the one that forms a centerpiece of his campaign, is when he won a conviction against several Ku Klux Klan members who burned down a church, killing four little black girls in the process.

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Slaughter in Egypt May Signal Civil War Within Islam

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From Brij Khindaria at The Moderate Voice:

The heinous attack that slaughtered at least 235 worshippers in a northern Sinai mosque in Egypt today could be a new and chilling twist in a nascent civil war within Islam in many locations around the world.

It may signal similar atrocities in African and Asian countries with Muslims who disagree with the extremist teachings of some hardline sects of Saudi Arabia’s Salafi and Wahhabi schools.

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Thanks Beyond Thanksgiving

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From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

I think taking the time to take stock of your blessings in life is a great thing. The troubles of the world weigh on us, sometimes lighter than they should. If I am thankful for my full plate, I have to also know that there are people whose larder has been bare. If I am thankful for my heat and light and access to the world through the internet, I also have to understand what it is to be without these things. If I am thankful for my health, I have to also remember those who are without health care, or who soon could be. If I am thankful for the safety of my home, I have to also think of those who might have no home, or might lose their home.

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Wealthy Good Guy, KY First, JFK, Trump Fantasy Flight

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Saturday Rate of Exchange:
How Much Must Britain Pay?

from Burr Deming

Neil Bamforth at MadMikesAmerica takes a look at Brexit negotiations. The European Union wants twice in an exit settlement what Britain is willing to pay. There seems to be a common agreement that there exists, in leaving, a moral debt. Neil wonders why, in the absence of any clear legal obligation, Britain doesn’t threaten to simply walk away.

We linked to Neil’s analysis. Infidel753, whom we regard as expert in such matters, reacts:

There is no reason the UK should be paying anything to get out of this parasitic organization, but there are two reasons why the EU is strongly motivated to grab whatever cash it can.

First, there are rumblings of discontent in other member states. Even in France, pro-independence candidates won 43.6% of the vote in this year’s election in May. The EU has every reason to want to make Brexit as painful as possible to discourage others from getting out.

Second, Britain is a net donor to the EU budget and its departure will leave a huge shortfall which will have to be made up by other members. It’s similar to what would happen with our federal budget if a net donor state like California or New York were to leave the US. Anything the EU can grab from Britain’s pockets on the way out will be that much less they have to pry out of German and French taxpayers or save via aid cutbacks to poorer countries.

I’m often surprised at how many Americans seem to think the UK is some kind of giant Disneyland that stopped being a serious country in 1945 and survives on tourism and Monty Python residuals. It’s the fifth or sixth largest economy in the world and a major exporter of things like pharmaceuticals and heavy equipment. It’s the main supplier of financial services in Europe. It’s also one of only two real military powers in the EU (the other is France), so if Europe ever wants to develop its own defense capability more independent of the US, it’s going to need British cooperation, EU or no EU. The Brussels oligarchy is lucky it isn’t dealing with a British government that’s really inclined to play hardball and use all the leverage it has. They don’t really hold a lot of cards here.

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Talking to a Trumpster (Now in the Dumpster)

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From (O)CT(O)PUS at The Swash Zone:

Yesterday online, I encountered a former Trump voter who was clearly unhappy. Unhappy with what, he didn’t say. Rather, he tried to turn tables and put me on the defensive:

“They are not the monsters you think they are, and until you realize that fact, you will be unable to appeal to their better natures,” he said.

Realize what? I have no need to explain myself or appeal to his better nature. Whether this Trumpster is a troll, a mole, or an asshole is beside the point. There is a penalty flag on the field, a personal foul. How ironic!

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Possibly Unpopular Opinion Re: Rep. Barton

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From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

There are a couple of things about l’affaire Barton that I think, just being a reasonable person, don’t seem all that scandalous. He divorced in 2015. He had some consenting relationships with adult women. He sent them communications of a sexual nature. One of the women seems to have felt some way about having competition, and shared material that was intended to remain private. He advised her beforehand that this was a bad idea and not without repercussions.

Here’s the thing–releasing a graphic video or photos of someone in an intimate situation because it screws with them when that person did not want it out and about is called “revenge porn”. It is a crime in many states, and a damn nasty trick to pull on someone.

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