MSM Today, Yesterday, and Everyday

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From the Bjork Report:

Watch what happens when a panel of teevee “journalists” and an incredibly dopey U.S. Senator conduct a discussion about healthcare. At some point you can tell that none of them are in any way tethered to reality, that all of them are conducting a discussion solely for the purpose of making it appear as if they are engaged both seriously, intellectually, and thus providing a truly informative exercise for the viewer

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Sanders Should Look to His Socialism for Answer to Political Violence

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From libertarian Michael A. LaFerrara:

A lot of analysis about the Alexandria shooting of Republican congressmen involves trying to decipher some connection between rhetoric and violence. But we should look to a deeper, more fundamental level than rhetoric. I’m talking about the ideas behind the rhetoric.

Bernie Sanders is said to be ‘Sickened’ That the Alexandria Shooter Was a Volunteer on His Presidential Campaign. As Bridget Johnson reports for PJ Media,

“We’ve got to stop the violence,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) after a shooter whose social media showed he was apparently a fan of the former presidential candidate opened fire on Republicans practicing for Thursday’s congressional baseball game.

Sanders undoubtedly doesn’t condone the shooting. But, given his hateful rhetoric against “the 1%” and assertions that healthcare is a right that should be guaranteed by the government, it shouldn’t be surprising that the man who committed the Alexandria shooting was a Sanders acolyte.

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How The Christian Right Turned the Good News into Fake News

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From John Pavlovitz:

The bullhorn-wielding sign wavers and pulpit-pounding preachers are right: Jesus condemned many things in the Bible.

He condemned those who neglected the poor and the marginalized.
He condemned those who leveraged their religion for financial gain.
He condemned the religious hypocrites who spoke of loving God while having toxic hearts.
He condemned spiritual leaders who spread a cancerous religion to others.
He condemned people with a facade of piety concealing their hidden sickness.

Jesus pulled no punches with those who would broadcast their faith loudly while doing great damage in the world to its most vulnerable—but curiously the bullhorn-wielding sign wavers and pulpit-pounding preachers won’t ever mention those things.

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Trump and India’s Modi: Trying to be Friends

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From Brij Khindaria at The Moderate Voice:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first meetings with President Donald Trump in Washington next week could reveal whether India will become an American military ally in all but name.

Trump approved the sale of $2 billion worth of surveillance drones to India ahead of the visit, making it a rare country receiving weapons equivalent to those supplied to NATO allies.

Modi is very keen to acquire weapons and advanced transfers of defense technologies to India to deter China. He also wants Trump to treat its archenemy Pakistan as a state sponsoring terrorism even if that is not openly stated to the world.

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Game Over

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From Iron Knee at Political Irony:

What’s really curious about this is that Donald Trump, who repeatedly denied the existence of Russian meddling, is saying that it is “just out” that Russia meddled in the US elections, but that Obama “did nothing about it”.

So, is Russian meddling “fake news”? Either it is or it isn’t. If it is, then why would Obama need to do anything about it? If it is real, then why the hell did president Trump keep telling us it was fake news?

How can Trump claim that he just found out about the Russian meddling? He is the president, and the CIA (with their evidence and proof) reports to him. There is no way he didn’t know this.

Even far, far worse, within days after Trump became president, he started trying to remove the sanctions that Obama had placed on the Russians and reopen their compounds.

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Life in the Greatest Country

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From Green Eagle:

The Republicans realized long ago that their true goals, which cannot be really hidden, and which offer nothing but disaster to the vast majority of Americans, could never be sold to the voting populace, so they began a systematic scheme to craft a voting base which had had its greed and lust for hatred and violence so triggered that it would utterly ignore its own interests, and vote on the basis of that greed and hatred. In the course of doing this, the Republicans consciously crafted an entirely fictitious world view, featuring such things as the absurd doctrine of supply side economics, which promised that everyone would soon be rich, and an endless series of utterly bogus threats like Sharia law and terrorism, which have fed the greed and hatred of their base, and prevented them from seeing that the obvious threat to their existence comes from the rich people who are attempting to reduce them to penury, not the endless series of alleged foreign threats that right wingers constantly see behind every corner.

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