Divided We Fall

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From conservative T. Paine at Saving Common Sense:
June 20 2016

Once again America has experienced terrorism at the hands of a radical Muslim extremist. What compounds the tragedy of this mass shooting at an Orlando night club that killed 49 people and injured at least that many more though, is that the evil perpetrator behind this cowardly attack was not some foreign-born jihadi miscreant that snuck through our porous border in order to wage war on “the great Satan” but rather a home-grown citizen who was born in Queens, New York and was raised in Fort Pierce, Florida. This Islamic terrorist was a natural born American.

So how exactly does this American terrorist grow up cheering the 9/11 attack in high school, thinking that women ought not to drive, and swearing allegiance to ISIS? What is it about our society today that even allows this to be a possible outcome of an American life? What has changed in the last few generations that makes such an unimaginably evil thing to even contemplate become a ghoulish reality? Why does someone like Omar Matteen grow up despising his own country of America?

I would submit that part of the problem exists in the fact that not only do we no longer teach objective United States History anymore, but we absolutely do not teach civics and a justified sense of patriotism and honor to our children.

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Congressional Candidate Wants to “Make America White Again”

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From Rippa at The Intersection of Madness and Reality:
June 24 2016

As if Donald Trump didn’t make it clear that the United States wasn’t white enough, in steps Tennesee congressional candidate, Rick Tyler. Rick Tyler, a longshot running as an Independent to represent Tennessee’s Third District wants to “Make America White Again”.

While it’s unclear whether there was ever a time in U.S. history when our beloved nation was all white. Even so, Tyler has dreams and aspirations of taking the nation back to a certain utopia, where life was a lot better for today’s racially oppressed so-called dominant culture.

In an interview with WRCB, Tyler claims to have no hatred in his heart for “people of color.”

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Trump Is Far Behind Clinton In Campaign Funds

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From Ted McLaughlin at jobsanger:
June 22 2016

Donald Trump sailed through the primaries while spending very little money. That’s because he received a ton of free press coverage (far more than any other candidate of either party) — and most of that coverage was positive. But those days are over.

The press coverage of Trump and Clinton is roughly equal now — and much of the coverage of Trump has turned negative (thanks to his own inability to stop saying dumb things). He’s going to have to start spending some big money to get his message out the way he wants it. The problem is that his campaign is close to broke.

At the end of May, he had only $1.3 million in the bank for his campaign, while Hillary Clinton had $42 million in the bank. And Trump may not be able to count on a lot of financial help from the Republican Party.

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Today in Conservative Christian Detachment Disorder

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From driftglass:
June 23 2016

Remember the “lost letter” episode of the West Wing (“”Enemies Foreign and Domestic”) in which letter that a young boy sent to Franklin Roosevelt is finally delivered to the White House +60 years later?

Well, the Dirty Hippies have been sending letters to the Republican party for decades now warning them that climbing into bed with the likes of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Ralph Reed, Payul Weyrich and the rest of the hypocrites and pharisees and pit vipers on the “Conservative Christian” grift was seven different flavors of catastrophe. Bad for the Party of Lincoln. Really bad for the country. Really, really bad for Christianity. Just bad all around.

Well as it turns out, decades later, some kind soul has delivered all of our missives to the home of former George W. Bush chief speechwriter, senior Republican policy adviser, Conservative Christian and reliable Beltway Republican stalactite, Michael Gerson. And he is terribly shocked and put out over how those people over there are behaving:

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CNN: No Matter Trump Speech ‘Littered With Falsehoods’

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From Tommy Christopher at Mediaite:
June 23, 2016

If you need more evidence of the way Donald Trump‘s presidential candidacy has distorted reality in political journalism, look no further than the aftermath of the presumptive Republican nominee’s Hillary Clinton attack speech from Wednesday. Following that speech, CNN performed a fairly exhaustive fact check on Trump’s attacks, and found 11 of the 18 claims they evaluated to be “false,” while five were rated “true,” and two others were found to be “true, but misleading.” The Clinton campaign put out its own list of “15 Biggest Lies” from the speech.

Despite all of that, Trump’s speech has generated relatively high marks from the “objective” political press, who are always impressed when he manages to read off a teleprompter and managed not to drop the n-word.

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Another Brick In the Wall

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From Capt. Fogg at Human Voices:
June 22 2016:

So what – you expected something different? If it’s about guns, you vote no, plain and simple, and no thought required beyond thinking about how badly the NRA will punish you for giving a crap about who wins the war with Islamic State and al Qaeda and the rest of them. You’re a Republican, it’s what you do.

Sure, a great many proposals have been misguided, ill-informed and even illegal, but keeping guns from suspected enemies of our country is not just a good idea, it’s essential and as long as there’s due process and an appeal process, the worst it might mean for a prospective firearms purchaser ( or explosives or ammunition ) is a delay. The lives saved may include not only yours and mine, but the miserable ones of the Senators who voted that proposal down yesterday.

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Why Trump, Finding Workable Policies, Liberals Learn to Fight

  • Blogenfreude at Stinque apparently doesn’t mind doing research – finding the main reason Republicans support Trump.
  • Jack Jodell at The Saturday Afternoon Post discovers a new source dedicated to finding solutions to systemic challenges faced by the United States.
  • At Crooks and Liars, Frances Langum shows how Lyndon taught liberals how to fight.
  • The Big Empty notes the reaction of many conservatives to Orlando includes a desperate prayer for divine guidance.
  • Conservative James Wigderson decides on what to drink in celebration of Brexit.
  • tengrain at Mock Paper Scissors takes on the Sisyphean task of whipping mainstream media into actual journalism. This time he goes after Politico for an amazing quantity of anonymously sourced quotes in a single report. The story has to do with Donald Trump’s poor fundraising, but lazy journalism itself has become ubiquitous.
  • About the time Donald Trump was gracing the world by being born, the great sports writer Red Smith answered a question about writing with a bit of sarcasm. It is easy, he said. “You just sit at your typewriter until little drops of blood appear on your forehead.”
    Vincent at A wayfarer’s notes has no use for blood beads. “Writing is not easy. The trouble is, I’m too full of ideas,” he laments his sad fate.
    Oh, for the love of God, Vincent! The opulent man sits before the starving, at his very own table of plenty, crying out in panic about so much to eat and so little time.
    Vincent not only writes, he writes well. In this case, he delves into the advice of the talented and famous, finally ending his rich and layered self-examination, deciding to stop waiting for the right moment and just go ahead and write. As always with wit, elegance, and insight, he makes it look easy. As always, he is well worth reading.
    For all of which I struggle to forgive him.

Cooper Hurts Bigots’ Feelings by Calling Out Pam Bondi

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From Tommy Christopher at Mediaite:

CNN host Anderson Cooper created quite a stir with his grilling of Republican Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on Tuesday, in which he took her to task for her past anti-gay statements during an interview about the Orlando mass shooting. Nowhere is the hurt over this interview more acute than among conservative online bigots, who just can’t understand what Cooper’s damage was even as Bondi continued to erase LGBT identity from the attack during the actual interview:

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