GOP Platform Breaks Trump’s “No Cuts” Promise on Social Security and Medicare

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From Jon Perr at Perrspectives:

If nothing else, Republicans used their convention in Cleveland to get their hate on. The delegates who cheered Chris Christie’s ersatz prosecution of Hillary Clinton had already made “lock her up” the event’s lasting sound bite. Offstage, Trump surrogates accused Clinton of “treason” and called for her execution by hanging or firing squad. The foaming at the mouth crowd raged about “radical Islam,” an all-encompassing enemy they could neither describe nor explain how to defeat. Meanwhile, the delegates approved a platform would bestow 14th Amendment protections to fetuses while denying them to actual, living LGBT Americans.

But if Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign ushered in the era of “Post-Truth Politics,” Donald Trump’s coronation marked the rise of the “No Policy Candidate.” For example, on Wednesday, advisers Stephen Moore and Lawrence Kudlow announced their proposed overhaul of Trump’s gigantic tax cut windfall for the wealthy, supposedly reducing his Treasury-draining from $10 trillion to $3 trillion over the next decade. But even more telling when it comes to Donald Trump’s disinterest in actual policy is what the 2016 Republican Platform declared about health care and retirement income for future seniors. After a year of promising Americans he would “save Social Security and Medicare without cuts,” nominee Trump looked the other way as his party’s platform endorsed House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plans to gut both.

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A Good-Enough Speech,
a First-Rate Convention

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From Jonathan Bernstein at Bloomberg View:

The theme of the Democratic convention was “Stronger Together,” and the final day of the convention — and Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech — proved the point.

The speech itself? Clinton remains a second-rate orator, perhaps the equal of several previous nominees such as George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush, as well as Mitt Romney, Bob Dole and Michael Dukakis. Her speech, like those delivered by all those men, was good enough.

What she lacks in skills, however, and what the speech lacked at time in craft, was more than made up for by the rest of the room, the pageantry and the historic occasion.

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Trump Gets First Briefing – Reveals Classified Info to Rally

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From Bipartisan Report:

Despite the fact that Senator Harry Reid and other high ranking intelligence officials from both sides have asked that Donald Trump not be given access to classified information just yesterday, today, Trump was given his first shot learning sensitive information this afternoon.

Trump attended an intelligence briefing this afternoon in which he was told sensitive information for his own safety and for the safety of Americans. Within hours he was neck deep into one of his classic word salads when he proved Harry Reid and other Pentagon officials right.

In what was the biggest faux pas of his entire political career, Trump accidentally revealed sensitive and classified information about the locations of secret military bases.

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Conventional Wisdom, Judicial Guardians, Dreadlock Freedom

Listen to the Voices 7/30/2016

Kaine Lifts the Curtain

I don’t yet know much about Senator Tim Kaine.
I’m told Hillary Clinton’s choice for vice President is less progressive than Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.
Less progressive than am I.

For most of us the ideological spectrum is only some dot on a chart.
We seek leaders who transcend that spectrum.
Most of us don’t look for a position on an ideological yardstick.
We look for leadership and issues and accomplishments.


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PUMA II — Will the AfterBerners become Trumpanzees?

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From Infidel753:

Short answer: Some will, but probably not enough to matter.

The antics at the convention, especially on the first day, have gotten some Democrats worried. Bernie himself is not at fault for this — since the end of his campaign he’s striven mightily to re-unify the party, even getting booed for it on Monday by some of his own supporters (which raises the question of whether they can still be called “Bernie supporters” at all). Yet the eruptions in Philadelphia continue. The Russian e-mail dump has fueled the anger, as Putin obviously intended it to do.

However, the crucial words in the paragraph above are “at the convention”.

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I Swear Barack Obama Gave one of His Best Speeches

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From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

All I know is that in this second term, a lot of what President Obama has been saying plays on the themes of Stonewall, Selma and Seneca Falls. He returns to the essential idea that freedom and justice alike are woven into the multicolored tapestry of our history as a nation, forged in the steely ink of our founding documents, tested again and again whenever Americans have faced trials and struggles. He weaves once again this great notion of a strong nation, made more perfect by the work of many hands, in offering support to someone who can take up the banner and go forward with it.

It was an encouragement that the successes (which are very real) of his administration have a chance to continue under great, Democratic leadership. It’s an exhortation to participate in our democracy to keep it strong. It was a paean to our diversity and the many ways it gives us strength, and should not be feared.

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Bernie or Busted

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From The Big Empty:

Below is a fairly typical response from what’s left of Sanders’ supporters. They’re a loutish bunch. And not terribly rational. I suppose if I were twenty again, I might feel the same way but I would never follow through. I learned long ago that the worst Democrat is a thousand times better than the best Republican. I guess that’s make me lucky. Or what the BernieBros would call stupid.

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Donald Trump’s Big Gamble

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From Manifesto Joe at Texas Blues:

The mogul of Atlantic City is doing some high-stakes gambling these days. And if he wins, the country is likely to lose — BIG.

I didn’t consider Donald (T)rump to be all that dangerous, even amid the comparisons to Hitler and such — until last Thursday night. I thought of him in terms of a corrupt buffoon, akin to Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian prime minister and media mogul. But after his dark acceptance of the Republican Party nomination for the presidency, I had second thoughts.

Trump has supporters who resemble Nazis in their pugnaciousness and not-so-subtle white supremacy, and he does nothing to discourage them. He actually said he doesn’t know enough about the KKK to refute David Duke’s endorsement of him. Describing himself as the “law-and-order” candidate, he’s taking many pages out of the campaign playbook of the late Alabama Gov. George Wallace, and he’s proving much more successful than Wallace was.

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