Evidence that Atheism has Failed!

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From PZ Myers at Pharyngula:

In a remarkable feat of unlogic, a Christian reveals the evidence that atheism has been defeated. I include his argument below, but I haven’t copied over his links, all of which are to his own blog, or to that paragon of trustworthy truthiness, Conservapædia, so just take his backing support as given.

1. Most atheists are men.

Yes, this seems to be true. Point, Christian!

However, I don’t see how this shows that atheism is weak or has failed. Many of us do take this as a sign that we have biases that we need to correct, but as you’ll see, that’s not why this guy has a problem.

I would also point out that most priests are men. Which means…?

2. Feminist women conquered atheism.

Uh, what? He’s just announced that atheism has a male majority. How does it follow that feminist women have “conquered” atheism? What does it even mean to say a set of ideas has been “conquered”?

Unfortunately, this is one of his claims that lacks a supporting link, even to Conservapædia

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Tim Kaine

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From Iron Knee Political Irony:

I must admit that I wasn’t paying too much attention to the VP selection contest, and so when Clinton announced Tim Kaine as her VP pick, I didn’t know much about him. I know that people say he’s boring, or that he is too moderate. So I took some time today to investigate.

I might get some flak for this, but I have to say I like him and I think he is a very good choice. He is strongly principled without being an ideologue. He’s certainly an extremely likable person and wins the contest of the candidate with whom you would most like to have a beer, or even stretch it out to a long interesting dinner. He’s much more comfortable with himself while speaking than Clinton, which is good. He has humor and humility. I just feel like I can trust him, which is more than I can say for most politicians.

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From Green Eagle:

Real treason? Not the phony kind that Republicans are always raving about, but real, Reagan style treason? I guess it depends about what counts as an enemy when the Constitution talks about adhering to our enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

So, here is what we know today: Trump has committed himself to abandoning the United States’ long standing treaty obligations to defend NATO countries against attack by Russia, and in return, the Russian dictator has had his people hack into Democratic party e-mails and release embarrassing information, right before the Democratic convention.

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Why It’s Great for a Veep to Be Boring

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From Jonathan Bernstein at BloombergView:

Hillary Clinton’s choice of first-term Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate is probably the strongest she could have made, at least from what we know of him so far.

As with Mike Pence on the Republican side, it’s unlikely anyone will challenge his readiness to be president, given his experience in Congress and as a former governor.

Some liberals have spoken against Kaine, but he has been a mainstream liberal in the Senate

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What the Stolen and Leaked DNC Emails ACTUALLY Show

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From Tommy Christopher at the Daily Banter:

There’s a lot of bullshit going around about the DNC email leak. Ever since Wikileaks dumped the latest batch of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee on Friday, the political media has been joining Bernie Sanders and his supporters in breathlessly reporting that these emails say things that they clearly do not, including but not limited to the lie that the DNC was plotting to attack Bernie Sanders over his religion.

The most pervasively misleading thing that’s been reported, though, is that these emails confirm that the DNC was biased against Bernie from the start, and favored Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary process.

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Is Trump an Alternative to Sanders?

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From libertarian Michael A. LaFerrara at Principled Perspectives:

A day after New Jersey Star-Ledger columnist Mark Di Ionno reported how Donald Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ support springs from the same cultural roots (Sanders success sign of middle class revolt—see my last post), the Star-Ledger argued, after Sanders’ nomination chances died, that Trump cannot satisfy Sanders voters’ need for change. In urging Sanders supporters not to switch to Trump, the Star-Ledger writes that Donald Trump:

wants to expand his base by adding millions of voters who believe in using government to solve real problems that affect us all.

And that has been at the heart of Bernie Sanders’ appeal throughout the campaign. For nearly a year, he has built a movement based on bringing as many people as possible into the circle of opportunity, and only a strong, progressive government does that.

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Shots fired!

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From Capt. Fogg at Human Voices:

Another shooting incident at a Munich shopping center. 5 people stabbed on a train in Bavaria a few days ago. Terrorist attacks are almost a daily thing in Europe and far, far worse in the Middle East.

But it’s because they have stronger leaders, right? Russia has had some big ones but that’s because Putin is lawnorder tough and Army Strong, right? It’s because Obama is weak and probably a sympathizer and Hillary would be even weaker as the “facts” about Benghazi show. That’s right the Republicans are lawnorder tough and always protect us — right?

Oops, I mentioned facts – mea culpa. I should have known better. But I can’t help myself. I can’t control it —

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Trump to Pay Nearly $300,000 in Attorney’s Fees in Fraud Suit

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From Last Of The Millenniums:

Yeah…..Trump is really going to work hard for the middle class workers of this Country…………

‘Circuit Court Judge Jorge Cueto, presiding over a lawsuit related to unpaid bills brought by a local paint store against the Trump National Doral Miami golf resort, ordered the billionaire politician’s company to pay the Doral-based mom-and-pop shop nearly $300,000 in attorney’s fees’.

‘All because, according to the lawsuit, Trump allegedly tried to stiff The Paint Spot on its last payment of $34,863 on a $200,000 contract for paint used in the renovation of the home of golf’s famed Blue Monster two years ago’.

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Suddenly the Press Gets Upset About Criminalizing Politics

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See our alternate view on the latest Clinton Scandal here.
From conservative James Wigderson at Right Wisconsin:

Don’t worry about me, Gettys. Don’t worry about me. I’m Charles Foster Kane. I’m no cheap, crooked politician, trying to save himself from the consequences of his crimes. Gettys. I’m going to send you to Sing Sing! Sing Sing, Gettys! SING SIIIIIIIIING!

* Citizen Kane

So the mainstream media is losing it over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie putting Hillary Clinton on trial before the assembled crowd. “Is she guilty or not guilty?” They’re also not happy over the chants of “lock her up!” They’re probably not going to be happy with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker saying that if Hillary was anymore inside, she’d be in prison.

I’m sympathetic. No, really, I don’t believe that political policy differences should be considered criminal offences.

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From (O)CT(O)PUS at The Swash Zone:

Forget Trumpence. Trumpenance. Or Trumpenitence. What we have is TrumPutin, according to Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion and chairman of the Human Rights Foundation based in New York. Kasparov is also author of “Winter is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped.” Donald Trump reminds Kasparov of Vladimir Putin and “that is terrifying” he says in this op-ed that appears in today’s Washington Post:

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