Another Purge List?

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From The Big Empty:

This is another ruse of course. From the beginning of the Obama administration when Homeland Security was targeted by Republicans for identifying the severity of white extremist groups, the agency has since very quietly amassed a dossier of hate groups within the U.S. whose only goal has been to intimidate and terrorize leftists, minorities, women’s health organizations, and LGBT.

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Have the Courage
of Your Convictions

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From tengrain at Mock Paper Scissors:

I am not going to tell you to get over it (which I have been told several times by presumably well-intended people), but I do want you to remember that you have agency over yourselves.

The Russian Usurper cannot change who you are; you have the ability to shape your own opinions and make choices that reflect your own values. When he is cruel, you can be caring. Look around at your community, find the frightened, the hurt, the marginalized and make them your cause. Be brave and be kind. Help to defend the defenseless.

And defending the defenseless includes defending the institutions you hold dear.

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From John Scalzi at Whatever:

My kid is an adult now. I am literally not the boss of her anymore. And I and Krissy have gotten her there, without want or fear, and with her knowing, with certainty, that she was and is loved.

In one sense it’s obvious why this is important to me. What parent does not want these things for their child? These things are also, to be blunt, not particularly laudable; if you have the means and circumstances (I’ll get back to this in just a bit), you should be doing these things as a matter of course, and even in difficult circumstances you should be striving for them. There are no medals for being a decent parent. It’s a baseline.

But the thing is, I didn’t have a childhood free of want or fear, and while I never doubted I was loved, at certain times and in certain circumstances, everything else was up in the air.

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Two Heroes and a Zero!

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From Max’s Dad:

Glenn went on to go back to space at the age of 77 again renewing his hero license. John Glenn died at age 95. The world is worse off because a real hero like John Glenn is gone.

Larry Colburn died last week at age 67. Larry Colburn was also an American hero. Colburn was a chopper gunner during the Vietnam War when his Captain, Hugh Thompson Jr, saw the My Lai Massacre going on beneath them. Thompson landed his chopper between the American soldiers slaughtering innocent Vietnamese civilians…

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Anti Health Care GOPer Brags He Risked Own Child’s Health

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From Tommy Christopher:

If he had been “more seriously injured?” One wonders what, in Huizenga’s mind, would constitute a “serious” injury, if a broken arm does not qualify as such.

And beyond that appalling calculation, his argument is simply laughable on its face, for many reasons. Patients are not required to know the difference between x-rays and MRIs — that is what doctors are for. Patients also are not supposed to decide what treatment is appropriate for a medical condition based on cost; they are supposed to be able to leave those decisions to doctors who will make assessments based on need and efficacy.

And there is also the fact that delaying treatment for a serious medical condition that any reasonable person would recognize as needing professional medical attention is what the US government’s Office on Child Abuse and Neglect calls “Medical Neglect.”

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God is Not Santa Claus

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From John Pavlovitz:

Prayer became a daily, glorified Christmas List; an ever-growing petition for the stuff I wanted from the Big Man, and my job was to do enough to merit those things and to understand that my performance was the key to it all. Good kids got good things.

Like Santa, God was conditionally benevolent. He was prepared to be unfathomably generous with blessings—but I had to earn it. Yes, God had Grace to lavish on us, but we had to do enough to get Him to open His bag.

I no longer have peace with that God.

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Merry Christmas to All

And to All a Good Night

Course Design: A Prelude

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From PZ Myers:

How do you design a new course?

First message: don’t. It’s a lot of work, and we professors are already underpaid and overworked. You do not get a bonus for teaching more, you are a salaried worker and you get paid whether you teach one course or five courses. You should be compensated for your labor, but you won’t, and in fact many of the institutions of university governance will conspire to discourage compensation for taking any initiative.

For instance, my university has a precisely defined formula for calculating workload: we plug in the number of lecture hours and lab hours we teach, and it spits out a number of credit hours we’re teaching, which is supposed to be right around 20 (different universities will have different expectations). We all know each other’s number. We strive to keep everyone’s workload equal, because that’s only fair, right? Of course, there are many assumptions built into the formula — the weighting of labs vs. lectures, for instance — and there’s nothing about the difficulty of courses. I could teach nothing but introductory freshman courses with no labs, while someone else could be assigned a set of new, advanced upper level lab electives, and we could have exactly the same number, but you know which of us would be working much harder. We informally try to balance that kind of load, but that magic number is really only a rough guideline.

It’s also a fiction for another reason: we fudge it to keep from breaking the system.

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Bill O’Reilly and White Power

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From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

O’Reilly is explicitly saying that the establishment of this country is about white people and needs to stay that way. I don’t know how to see that as anything other than saying that democracy shouldn’t be representative or small-“d” democratic, but support a certain class (race) of people. Which is all white by O’Reilly, but alt-right, if not neo-Nazi by me.

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