Now Here’s An Anniversary!

found online by Raymond

From M. Bouffant at Web of Evil:

Today in revisionism: It didn’t happen 500 yrs. ago today, The New Yorker advises, per a link in this Atlantic article which points out how silly Xians look w/ their stupid schisms. Warranted a pull-quote, even:

“We also look silly to the rest of the world, I think,
if we’re all fighting with each other.”

Apparently believing there is a great big fairy no one has ever seen (but they’re pretty sure it lives in the sky) whose ass you’d better kiss or you’ll go to hell isn’t silly. Also noted: Big sky fairy is quite the hothouse flower; too scared to manifest itself here & now on earth & deal w/ those who don’t follow its instructions. You just wait, Mr. Doubting Thomas; once you’re dead the big fairy will show you alright!! (I can’t tell you how scared I am.)

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