Towards Goosebumps in Robots

found online by Raymond

From The Journal of Improbable Research:

“Although there have been many researches on artificial haptic-sensory skin and discussions of materials for facial expression, we can find few trials related to expressions on surface of robots.”

Explain a research team from Dr. Tomoko Yonezawa’s lab at Kansai University Osaka, Japan, prompting them to become one of the first teams worldwide (perhaps the first) to develop robotic goosebumps.

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Andrew Sullivan Line by Line

found online by Raymond

From driftglass:

This week, NY Magazine’s resident non-blogger, Mr. Andrew Sullivan, comes right off the blocks with his facts all wrong in all the predictable ways:

We have become, at this point, inured to having an irrational president…

“We” have done no such god damn thing.

…in an increasingly post-rational America.

“America” is not “increasingly post-rational”. The Republican Party is utterly and completely post-rational. Insane, actually, and has been for a very, very long time.

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The Senescence of the Senate

found online by Raymond

From nojo at Stinque:

During Tuesday night’s vote on the motion to open the Senate healthcare bill for debate, senators representing 143 million citizens voted in favor, while senators representing 179 million citizens voted against.

This was considered a tie.

To break the tie, a man who was elected with almost three million votes less than his opponent stepped in to bring the bill to the floor.

And with that, the Will of the People had been expressed.

The Senate is the only institution in American governance that does not even pretend to represent Americans. Instead, it represents territorial units of America, land instead of people. That land is not evenly divided, but the result of historical circumstance. And that land does not include the District of Columbia, which boasts more souls than Vermont or Wyoming.

There is no reason for any of this.

There are only excuses.

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