What I Learned From 40 Hours of GOP Town Halls

found online by Raymond

From Tommy Christopher:

I have to confess that in the Trump era, sometimes the encouragement I offer feels more than a little bit wishful. Yes, the resistance claimed early and frequent victories, but at the end of every day, Trump’s ill-gotten presidency and legislative majorities are still a soul-crushing fact of life. I am a lifelong liberal Democrat, but for the past 10 years, my job has been more that of a political journalist than an activist, which consequently imbues my activism with a heavy dose of cynical political reality.

But after watching these 40 hours of resistance, that nagging feeling of doubt has shrunk considerably. Republicans were on the receiving end of blistering town hall resistance on issues ranging from Trump’s ties with Russia, to Trump’s tax returns, and especially health care and Planned Parenthood.

And it wasn’t just the crowds.

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National Review, of All People, Laments Popularity of Socialism

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From Libertarian Michael A. LaFerrara at Principled Perspectives:

I thought National Review was formed by William F. Buckley in 1955 precisely to “play both the short and the long game” is defense of capitalism and freedom in America. If not, where has it been all these years?

In fact, National Review has been leading the religiously-based conservative pushback against the Left socialists.

I find it interesting that National Review should now lament the rising popularity of socialism in America. It’s had over 70 years to reverse the socialist trend. Today, it’s obvious that National Review-style conservatism has failed miserably. Today, we’re more socialist than ever. Yet it clings to the bankrupt strategy of state’s “rights,” welfare “reform” rather than repeal, appeals to God and faith, the social authoritarianism of the religious “right,” tradition, and the like.

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Betterman Is Letterman!

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From Max’s Dad:

Even while praising Pearl Jam, he never once let them off the hook for his biting humor in regards to their inability to keep drummers in their early days and the losing fight they launched against Ticketmaster. Who else in one sentence can call Ticketmaster beady eyed weasels AND remind Eddie Vedder, hey dude, you lost and accomplished nothing.

But when Dave was ready to read a moving letter from Eddie to his son, Harry, and held up the guitar that his kid had been given, and then showed that picture of his son, and a picture of a middle schooler lighting up a smoke, who the hell didnt not only howl, but also be sad that this genius is no longer making the comfortable uncomfortable on late night television.

I love Pearl Jam as they are one of the 10 greatest rock bands that has ever existed and certainly one of the top 5 American bands ever, but what I found out I loved even more was David Letterman.

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Pucker Up for Free Speech

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From Clay Jones at The Moderate Voice:

With freedom of speech being perhaps our strongest guarantee you have to take the good with the bad.

While we celebrate Martin Luther King telling us that he had a dream, we have to stomach Ann Coulter vomiting up such filth as “It would be a much better country if women did not vote,” and “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.”

A lot has been made of Ann Coulter’s speech being cancelled at Berkeley. Did they cancel her to shut her up or was it because of concerns for her safety? I don’t think anyone should ever protest Coulter just for the simple reason that she likes it. I get that because I love my hate mail. When you protest Coulter that gives her more to cry about, more press coverage, and bigger paychecks and book deals. She’s already written 12. Do you want to help her publish another?

I support the likes of Ann Coulter speaking freely but don’t make a mistake about her. She’s not a champion of freedom of speech.

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