Activism: Phone Calls Work

found online by Raymond

From Mock Paper Scissors:

Last week we on the left secured a victory on preventing the repeal of the ACA through a relentless phone campaign.

We add this to our victory over the R’s attempt to gut the congressional ethics rules, and the Muslim travel ban.

We shouldn’t fail to mention the Women’s March. That international event in which we all came together and declared our unity in opposition to the destruction of all that we value had the R’s wetting their pants.

Three big victories over the Russian Puppet and the R’s agenda to destroy our democracy and one bad ass spanking in less than 60 days.

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Evangelicals Have a Hard Time Believing Their Pastors Do Bad Things

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From Bruce Gerencser:

Why is it that many Evangelical Christians have a hard time believing that pastors, evangelists, parachurch leaders, Christian university presidents, and other notable Christian leaders commit crimes such as sexual assault, rape, child abuse, murder, and fraud or otherwise engage in behaviors deemed by faithful Christians to be sinful? Every time I write a post about a pastor or some other Christian leader committing crime or behaving in ways that make them out to be hypocrites, I end up getting comments and emails from people objecting to my publicizing the story. Often, these objectors leave comments that suggest that they have some sort of inside knowledge about the matter, and once the “truth” comes out the accused will be vindicated. Other objectors will take the “they are innocent until proven guilty” approach, subtly suggesting that these kinds of stories should not be publicized until there has been a trial and a conviction. With righteous indignation they attack me, the messenger, for daring to publish anything about the stories, warning me that God is going to get me for causing harm to his servants and his church. And when the trials are over and convictions are handed down, do these same people return to this site with heads humbly held low, confessing that they did not know these men and women as well as they thought they did? Of course not. If anything, they will demand forgiveness for the offender. After all, we are all sinners in need of forgiveness, right?

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Don’t Want to Pay for ‘Sex Out Loud?’ Opt-Out on Student Fee

found online by Raymond

From Wisconsin conservative James Wigderson:

WAUKESHA, Wis. – In addition to a proposed 5 percent cut in tuition at state universities, Gov. Scott Walker wants to help students spend less for college by making some student fees optional.

The governor’s 2017-19 budget proposal would make optional the “allocable segregated fees” portion of the tuition bill at University of Wisconsin System schools. These are the student fees that fund such things as student government, student organizations and even a free bus pass program for UW-Madison students.

OPT-OUT: Gov. Scott Walker is proposing allowing students to opt-out of paying student fees at UW-System campuses to avoid supporting political speech contrary to their beliefs.

“At a time when we want to make college more affordable, we should not be forcing all students to pay for things such as ‘Sex Out Loud,’” said Walker spokesman Tom Evenson in a statement. “The governor’s proposal reduces tuition for students by 5 percent and ensures they have the final say on what their money funds in terms of allocable programs. It is all aimed at affordability and accountability.”

The “Sex Out Loud” program referenced by Evenson is to “promote healthy sexuality through sex-positive education and activism.” The student group received $103,000 in student fees this year and offered classes such as “Kink 420” regarding fetish sex.

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Republicans Lose, Bigly

found online by Raymond

From Iron Knee at Political Irony:

The Republicans have been trying to repeal Obamacare for seven years. While Obama was president, they passed bills over 50 times repealing the ACA, only to have them vetoed by the president (or die in the Senate). Back then, that was easy because they knew it wouldn’t ever become effective, so they would not have to suffer the blowback from 25 million people losing their health care.

But now, the GOP controls both houses of Congress and the White House, and they failed. Wasn’t even that close. It was so bad, they didn’t even dare bring it up for a vote.

Of course, immediately afterward Trump tried to blame the Democrats because none of them voted for a bill that would dismantle one of Obama’s greatest achievements:

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Another Trumpworld Grab Bag

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From Vixen Strangely at Strangely Blogged:

I just want to point out that this weekend is another weekend where President Trump visited a couple of his golf courses to hit the links and schmooze in familiar surroundings, like he does most weekends since he became president, and Fox Mushroom Farm is being a little less than honest in pretending that he literally spent the whole weekend at the White House. There is photographic proof he did not. Just because he went to the golf course that he owns closest to the White House does not mean he worked at the White House. He smacked a little white ball around. And I get that Republicans have very little trouble with Trump always being golfing. So Eisenhower! Very suburban! Oddly, they never liked to see Barack Obama smacking little white balls around.

But you know, this is Fox News, after all, the official sponsor of saying stuff out loud that Trump doesn’t want folks to know came from him, except that you do.

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Kindness or Cruelty? “If Your Animal Needs You, You Gotta Be There”

found online by Raymond

From Michael John Scott at MadMikesAmerica:

Life can be filled with unkindness and in some cases unkindness can often be the best kindness, as is the sad case of Michael Whalen and his beloved dog Allie.

Whalen was charged by the Virginia Beach patrol for animal cruelty after allegedly shooting Allie, his dog of 15 years. He says it was an act of kindness, not abuse.

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Dems Stop Being ‘Polite’ In The Face Of GOP Policies

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From Frances Langum:

Here is how you make a point in Washington DC.

Rep. Alcee Hastings, a Democrat from Broward County, Florida, showed his temper in a committee discussion over Medicaid cuts mandated in TrumpCare.

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