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In Other News, Obama Wasn’t President During Katrina. #Harvey

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From Helen Philpot at Margaret and Helen:

From Helen:

Margaret, that man is so stupid if he threw himself on the ground he would miss. And in that ridiculous hat he looks like something the dog is hiding under the porch. Honestly honey, I just don’t like him. He makes my ass itch every time he opens his mouth.

At the same time thousands in Brazoria County were being told literally to get out now because a levee had been breached, Trump was declaring job well done and commenting on the size of the crowd that showed up to hear him talk. My God that man thinks the sun comes up just to hear him crow. At one point he actually marveled about how famous the FEMA director was becoming on TV as if FEMA Director Brock Long should be paying attention to his Neilson ratings.

Look, I don’t care what shoes Melania was wearing and I don’t care that Trump didn’t do any photo shots with victims. I don’t even care that he’s selling that USA hat he was wearing for $40 dollars on his own website. Ok. Maybe I care a little bit about that.

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Are the British Taking Their Medicine?

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From Neil Bamforth at MadMikesAmerica:

A group of scientists, (it’s always a group of scientists isn’t it?), have discovered many Brits are not taking the medicine prescribed to them by their doctors. It didn’t sound like an awful lot of research actually went into reaching this conclusion if you ask me. A group of people supposedly taking various medications were tested and, it appears, one in three weren’t actually taking them.

After the result of said research, the number grew dramatically to almost everyone taking what they were supposed to take – probably on the grounds that they felt a bit guilty at being found out.

As another result of said research, the scientists have concluded that doctors, after prescribing medication to a patient, should regularly get them to provide a urine sample to prove they are actively taking their medication.

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How to Win the War on Drugs

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From Dave Dubya:

Treating drugs and their abuse as a medical, rather than law enforcement problem, is really the bottom line. Treatment is always a better solution over incarceration. It is ineffective, costlier, and more destructive to families to punish users as criminals.

The best way to win the “war on drugs” is to end the war on drug users.

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A Brief Note About Trump’s Pardon of Joe Arpaio

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From Green Eagle:

What crime did Arpaio commit, after all? He used his legal power to select people based on their ethnicity, and then place them in what he himself called concentration camps.

You may want to argue about exactly what a person needs to do to be classified on the same degraded level of humanity as Nazis, but this is certainly it.

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