4 Good Reasons Why Franklin Graham Has No Biblical Clue

found online by Raymond

From Mark Bear at MadMikesAmerica:

I apologize to those of you who are not of a faith orientation due to hypocritical behavior by those who call themselves “Christians.” I also ask your forgiveness that White Evangelical leaders have not only supported Trump but continue doing so, despite the persistent worldly behavior engaged in by him.

In addition, I also apologize to each of you if I have ever engaged in behavior that does not mirror that which I personally and publicly profess. I offer this apology, not to those who are IN the Church, but to those of you who will never step foot inside a church due to this blatant hypocrisy.

Apparently, my “White Evangelical” friends cannot seem to stop placing obstacle upon obstacle in front of those who want nothing to do with the modern-day church. I need to be clear here: I do not EXPECT Trump to “act” as though he were a Believer because for him to do so, would be clearly disingenuous.

After all, he is on record stating he “never has asked for forgiveness,” because he frankly does not believe “he has ever done anything which requires him to do so.” Just so we are all clear: This answer was provided to a media personality in a “Christian” environment. And despite THAT answer, the media personality interviewing Trump was just fine with Trump’s response, and so were 81% of those who self-profess being “Christians” in this nation; those labeled “White Evangelical.”

However, I also want to be clear here about an ancillary issue: Not all of us are like those leaders who find every justification under the sun for Trump’s worldly behavior. Many of us are disgusted with Trump and those evangelical leaders providing such excuses for him.

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