Market Madness

found online by Raymond

From Max’s Dad:

My father spent 45 years in the stock game. From stock broker to account executive to financial planner he always said all those titles were bullshit. I’m a salesman he’d proclaim, almost proudly. The other two things my old man said in his 45 years pushing stocks on a daily basis was “stock market goes up, stock market goes down” and of course, “I was just about to call you” whenever one of his panicky investors would call and interrupt his newspaper reading.

The stock market plunged the last two days after Wall Street realized we have a goddamned maniac running the country. Just a warning. To those of us versed in history, we know, that when Republicans get control and cut taxes to the rich and run up the debt what inevitably happens is 1929, 1987, 2007 and perhaps 2018.

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