GOP Pundit Class Gets Pay Day Calling Congress ‘Cowards’

found online by Raymond

From Frances Langum:

Last night Lawrence O’Donnell highlighted this op-ed in the Washington Post by former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, in which Gerson lambasted the Republican Congress for not standing up to Donald Trump.

Why can’t Republican legislators see the personal damage this might cause? Trump has made a practice of forcing people around him to lower their standards and abandon their ideals before turning against them when their usefulness ends. His servants are sucked dry of integrity and dignity, then thrown away like the rind of a squeezed orange. Who does Trump’s bidding and has his or her reputation enhanced? A generation of Republicans will end up writing memoirs of apology and regret.

What a terrible punishment for the crime of supporting Donald Trump. Your memoir will have regrets and apologies and a publishing contract with Regnery Press and you’ll get interviewed by Chris Matthews about “Lessons Learned.”

No shaved heads through the streets of Paris? Why the hell not?

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