Saturday Rate of Exchange:
Converting Black People

from Raymond

Although Jordan Thomas Cooper is a relatively recent history major, having graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2015, he is already making a name for himself in Republican politics as an African-American speechwriter for several southern political figures.
He believes black people will convert from the Democratic Party and become Republicans if school building are improved:

The reason blacks don’t vote for Republicans in general is because they think they’re racists. Blacks feel that Republicans are the cause of gentrification, mass incarceration of blacks, and the inadequate education of much of the black population. Blacks won’t think Republicans are racist anymore if all of the public schools are renovated and kept up to date.

Three of our readers react:


I went to The Moderate Voice and read the whole thing. Please tell me this is some kind of parody.

Surely a major reason why most black people don’t vote Republican is that a lot of Republicans make it clear that they actually are racists — and there’s a lot more to that than bad schools.

Infidel writes with uncommon wisdom at his own site.

Dave Dubya:

People don’t care where they eat at and how the buildings look that they eat in. As long as the food is good and it’s clean there. That’s what matters the most. Furthermore, there is nothing that can beat a home cooked meal. Two main ideas of integration were about schools and voting.

This is the only time voting is mentioned. Voter IDs, longer lines, and restrictions on registration are not even mentioned. But at least, “there is nothing that can beat a home cooked meal”.

This swill was written by a Black Republican, so it’s no wonder that it makes no sense.

We have another well-qualified Secretary of HUD, obviously.

Dave’s views are are often found at Freedom Rants. His rants are usually very good.


Content of the piece aside, the writing is incredibly poor for a speechwriter and for someone who served such high-profile politicians. I suppose that they all share Trump’s mindset: the less qualified, the better.

Ryan gave up blogging a while back. Those who appreciate clarity and logic hope for his eventual return.

Have a safe weekend.

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