Republicans, Going to Pot

found online by Raymond

From Infidel753:

Jeff Sessions has just handed the Democrats a winning issue for this year’s elections. The question is, will our party and candidates be smart enough to embrace it?

By threatening a crackdown on legal marijuana, Sessions and the Trump minority-rule regime in general are once again “standing athwart history, yelling ‘stop'”. The movement to decriminalize marijuana is clearly gathering steam — recreational marijuana is now legal in eight states, and support among the American people has reached 64% — even among Republicans it’s 51%. Tens of millions of ordinary Americans use marijuana routinely, including many who usually vote Republican; some Republicans also balk at the enormous wastage of money represented by enforcement of draconian laws against a drug far less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes.

Yet this is an issue where politicians and the Democratic party have never taken the lead.

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1 thought on “Republicans, Going to Pot”

  1. Sessions is racist bigot. We know what to expect from a racist bigot.

    Here’s what bothers me.

    Behind Republicans’, and many Democrats’, moral cowardice on cannabis are the strings attached to Big Pharma, Tobacco and Alcohol. The obvious will of the people, that “Mob Rule” of democracy, and their sacred screed of “states rights”, still take a back seat to corporate “free speech” cash.

    Big Pharma, Tobacco, and Alcohol are the most dangerous drug dealers in the nation. The death toll is inarguable.

    We’ll never hear that fact mentioned on corporate media because they are dancing to the same money strings as the politicians. Corporate media/government at its finest.

    Then there the other merchants of death in the NRA/weapons/law enforcement and military wing of our corporate/government nexus. Gotta keep them happy too.

    And thanks to our FAKE president, that deadly corruption is tightening its grip on our government.

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