Enter the Weasel: Donald Trump and Justice Denied

found online by Raymond

From Glenn R. Geist at MadMikesAmerica:

Using a metaphor can be a sneaky way to color a statement and I don’t want to be sneaky, but watching Trump’s familiars squirm and writhe and twist like it’s 1960 and he’s Chubby Checker makes it hard to avoid thinking of worms and weasels and leeches and things that wiggle out of traps – or try to.

It should be amusing to listen to Alan ‘The Snake’ Derschowitz or Trump’s consiglieri John Dowd (who defies comparison to any fauna I can think of readily.) It should be — but it isn’t. Seems we’re back to the Nixon years when it was argued that if the president has a valid purpose behind his transgression of the law, it’s ipso facto legal. Or as Nietzsche would have said if he were a Republican:

“What’s done out of political expediency is beyond good and evil”

Only of course he didn’t, because it isn’t.

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