The British On Holiday

found online by Raymond

From Neil Bamforth at MadMikesAmerica:

Quite why adding extraneous ‘y’s and ‘o’s to shouted words would make it any easier for the bemused Greek waiter remains, to this day, a mystery to me.

Of course, things have improved greatly since those halcyon days. Most Greek waiters learned to speak English. Probably on the grounds that they realized the British would never learn Greek and their ear drums were still vibrating from my mothers loud requests for tea with milko and sugero.

According to this survey in 2007 – and I do hope things have improved since then – The Brits cheery notion that it’s people were considered a shining beacon of hope and goodness was somewhat delusional.

In 2007 at least, most hoteliers thought the Brits were arrogant, badly dressed, untidy, loud, drunk and nowhere near as nice as the Japanese. Surely they were mistaking us for Germans?

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