Trump’s Russia Collusion; We’re Just Filling In The Details

found online by Raymond

From Shaun Mullen at The Moderate Voice:

There is a glimmer of hope even as Donald Trump destroys the government, undermines our core values, tries to divide us with hate and fear mongering, further isolates America from the world community and becomes increasingly unhinged.

This is because we are at the point in the movie known as the Russia scandal where the plot, star and supporting actors are well known even if the ending is not. Beyond the Right Wing Noise Machine, an increasing number of policy makers and mere mortals like you and I now not only believe that Russia interfered in the 2016 election for the purpose of electing Trump, but his campaign — and the Global Village Idiot himself — eagerly participated in that effort.

Does this bring us any closer to impeachment or forced resignation? Not necessarily, but the path to those outcomes is clearer and the possibility that Trump will not serve out his usurped-by-cybersabotage four-year term improves with each new gut-wrenching revelation.

The case against Trump has been made; we’re just filling in the details and waiting for the next round of indictments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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