Conway Described Trump’s Resentful White Voters to a Tee — 22 Years Ago

found online by Raymond

From Tommy Christopher:

One of the most annoying media narratives of the Trump era has been the notion that Donald Trump is some sort of alien life form who beamed into Republican politics to suddenly marshal racism, misogyny, and general white male resentment, rather than simply being the one who has best exploited them.

Among the many illustrations of that fact is the long, long Republican political career of Kellyanne Conway née Fitzpatrick, who has been around long enough to have marveled twice at a billionaire rooking white working class people into thinking he’s one of them. What’s important to know about Conway is that before she sold her sense of cleanliness to become Donald Trump’s campaign manager, she was a highly respected and very mainstream Republican operative for decades.

I mention that to set up this 1995 clip of Conway (then Fitzpatrick) holding forth on affirmative action, not with radical fringe space-alien ideas, but with the mainstream Republican view of addressing institutionalized racism and discrimination, one which describes the 2016 Trump voter to a tee:

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