Andrew Sullivan and Wingnut Welfare

found online by Raymond

From driftglass:

Bridges may collapse. Hospitals, schools and shopping malls may be abandoned and become home to field mice and tumbleweed and roving bands of Jill Stein voters. Hurricanes may wash whole counties away, and actual fascists may overrun the United States government. But come figurative Hell or literal high water, you may always count on the fact that Beltway will always find a way to make damn sure sure its legions of useless, card-carrying hacks and has-beens never miss a meal.

For example, a few years ago, America’s most famous gay, Catholic, Tory, “True Conservative” NY Magazine non-blogger and Washington D.C. shut-in, Andrew Sullivan, was having regular, well-remunerated in-print freakouts over the horrors of Teh!Encroaching!Liberal!McCarthyism!

The left is turning really, really ugly again.

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